Pronunciation: KAYM-lihn

Map: A map of Caemlyn is available in The Fires of Heaven hc p. 642, pb p. 906, in the Guide, p. 239, and in Crossroads of Twilight hc p. 284. There is a large map of Caemlyn in TWoTRPG, p. 267.

The capital city of Andor. The Whitebridge Gate leads west to the Four Kings Road. There is a road north that leads through the Braem Wood to Tar Valon. The Far Madding Gate leads south to the Far Madding Road. The Sunrise Gate leads east to the Erinin Road to Aringill. A fifty foot high wall of gray stone surrounds the city which is built on rising hills. Another wall of pure white stone surrounds the central part of the city called the Inner City which was built by Ogier. One entrance to the Inner City is the Origan Gate. Another gate to the Inner City is the Mondel Gate. The outer part of the city is called the New City. The heavily populated area outside the city walls is called Low Caemlyn.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Eye of the World
    1. TEotW,Ch4 - Tam tells Rand that a straight line from Tar Valon to Ghealdan would pass just east of the Two Rivers, but it is silly to think that the Aes Sedai going after Logain would travel cross-country through the Forest of Shadows instead of taking the road through Caemlyn and Lugard.
    2. TEotW,Ch26 - Logain will be taken to Caemlyn.
    3. TEotW,Ch33 - Rand and Mat are travelling to Caemlyn.
    4. TEotW,Ch34 - Rand and Mat are almost to Caemlyn.
    5. TEotW,Ch35 - Rand and Mat arrive at Caemlyn with Almen Bunt.
    6. TEotW,Ch35 - A description of Caemlyn. Ogier built the Caemlyn Royal Palace and much of the Inner City.
    7. TEotW,Ch39 - Logain is paraded through Caemlyn.
    8. TEotW,Ch39 - The outer part of the city is called the New City.
  2. In The Great Hunt
    1. TGH,Ch26 - After leaving Whitebridge, Thom went to Caemlyn and talked to Basel Gill .
  3. In The Dragon Reborn
    1. TDR,Ch28 - Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne tell Mat they will help him escape Tar Valon if he will carry a letter to Queen Morgase in Caemlyn.
    2. TDR,Ch30 - Once Mat escapes Tar Valon, he intends to head for Aringill, then Caemlyn.
    3. TDR,Ch31 - Mat asks Thom to accompany him to Caemlyn and Thom agrees.
    4. TDR,Ch45 - Mat and Thom arrive in Caemlyn.
    5. TDR,Ch47 - Mat and Thom depart Caemlyn for Tear.
  4. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch47 - Siuan receives a report that an Aes Sedai disappeared in Caemlyn.
    2. TSR,Ch53 - Perrin notes that people from Taren Ferry fled north and hopes that they will bring help from Baerlon or even Caemlyn.
    3. TSR,Ch53 - Perrin sends Faile to Caemlyn to bring help, but she stops at Watch Hill.
    4. TSR,Ch56 - Padan Fain's next destination is Caemlyn.
  5. In The Fires of Heaven
    1. TFoH,Prologue - Rahvin, Lanfear, Sammael and Graendal meet.
    2. TFoH,Ch1 - Alteima arrives at Caemlyn.
    3. TFoH,Ch6 - Lanfear tells Rand that Rahvin is in Caemlyn.
    4. TFoH,Ch12 - Gareth Bryne learns that Lord Gaebril has replaced most of the Queen's Guards in Caemlyn with his own men who are calling themselves White Lions.
    5. TFoH,Ch16 - Galad wants to take Elayne and Nynaeve back to Caemlyn but they refuse to go.
    6. TFoH,Ch19 - Morgase flees Caemlyn aided by Lini Eltring, Tallanvor, Basel Gill , Lamgwin Dorn and Breane.
    7. TFoH,Ch25 - Rahvin has his pet Red Ajah sister claim that Morgase is still seen in public audience in Caemlyn.
    8. TFoH,Ch40 - Galad agrees to help Nynaeve and Elayne find a boat to Altara because he thinks they have agreed to go to Caemlyn.
    9. TFoH,Ch54 - Rand leads Mat, Aviendha, Asmodean and a bunch of Aiel on a raid to Caemlyn to kill Rahvin.
    10. TFoH,Ch56 - Davram Bashere arrives in Caemlyn.
  6. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Prologue - The Salidar Aes Sedai send an embassy to Rand in Caemlyn.
    2. LoC,Prologue - Pedron Niall tells Morgase that Rand has taken Caemlyn and offers her five thousand Whitecloaks to help her retake the city.
    3. LoC,Ch1 - Rand practices the sword then talks with Bashere.
    4. LoC,Ch2 - Rand and Bashere meet Mazrim Taim.
    5. LoC,Ch3 - Rand Travels from Caemlyn to the farm with Taim.
    6. LoC,Ch4 - Rand Travels back to Caemlyn at the end of the day.
    7. LoC,Ch9 - Niall learns that Davram Bashere and his cavalry are in Caemlyn.
    8. LoC,Ch10 - Bashere reports to Rand that some important Andoran nobles are in Caemlyn.
    9. LoC,Ch11 - Rand tells Mazrim Taim that Caemlyn is off limits to him and his recruits because there are two Aes Sedai there.
    10. LoC,Ch13 - Nynaeve wants to leave Salidar and go to Caemlyn. Moghedien tries to convince her and Elayne to go as well.
    11. LoC,Ch14 - In Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene has seen Siuan in Caemlyn, the Heart of the Stone and in the White Tower.
    12. LoC,Ch17 - Rand Travels from Caemlyn to Cairhien accompanied by Aviendha.
    13. LoC,Ch17 - Many of Gaebril's White Lions have joined with Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin in the foothills of the Spine of the World.
    14. LoC,Ch19 - Rand returns to Caemlyn accompanied by Aviendha and Melaine.
    15. LoC,Ch20 - The Ogier built a Waygate at Caemlyn during its construction. At the time it was known as Hai Caemlyn.
    16. LoC,Ch21 - Rand Travels back to the palace.
    17. LoC,Ch26 - Rand decides to leave Caemlyn and return to Cairhien.
    18. LoC,Ch28 - Rand leaves Cairhien and returns to Caemlyn.
    19. LoC,Ch28 - Padan Fain is in Caemlyn stalking Rand.
    20. LoC,Ch33 - Mat promises Rand that he will return Elayne to Caemlyn.
    21. LoC,Ch34 - Egwene recognizes Caemlyn as she rides past on Bela in Tel'aran'rhiod on her way to Salidar.
    22. LoC,Ch41 - Min and the Salidar Aes Sedai embassy arrive in Caemlyn.
    23. LoC,Ch42 - At the Black Tower, Rand reiterates that Mazrim Taim and the Asha'man are to stay away from Caemlyn.
    24. LoC,Ch45 - The western gate of the New City is called the Whitebridge Gate.
    25. LoC,Ch45 - Perrin, Faile and the Two Rivers men arrive in Caemlyn.
    26. LoC,Ch46 - The Origan Gate is one of three entrances to the Inner City.
  7. In A Crown of Swords
    1. ACoS,Ch7 - Rand and a small group Travel to Caemlyn for a few hours. They learn that eight to ten Aes Sedai have been staying at The Silver Swan for the past month.
    2. ACoS,Ch9 - Egwene worries that they have heard nothing from Merana and the embassy in Caemlyn.
    3. ACoS,Ch12 - A merchant caravan from Caemlyn brings the rumor that Rand bowed to Elaida.
  8. In The Path of Daggers
    1. TPoD,Ch28 - Caemlyn began to hear rumors of Elayne's return two days before she arrived.
  9. In Winter's Heart
    1. WH,Ch7 - The heavily populated area outside the city walls is called Low Caemlyn.
    2. WH,Ch7 - Elayne works to establish herself as the ruler in Caemlyn.
    3. WH,Ch9 - Rand also started a school in Caemlyn. Elayne continues to run it and calls it the Academy of the Rose in honor of her mother.
    4. WH,Ch27 - Halwin Norry tells Elayne that there are four small armies marching toward Caemlyn.
  10. In Crossroads of Twilight
    1. CoT,Prologue - The armies of Arymilla, Elenia, Naean and Nasin arrive and lay siege to Caemlyn.
    2. CoT,Ch10 - Elayne Travels from Caemlyn to call on other noble Houses to drum up support.
    3. CoT,Ch16 - Egwene wonders if Gawyn is in Tar Valon or on his way to Caemlyn.
    4. CoT,Ch20 - Egwene tells Aviendha that there may be sisters from the Salidar Aes Sedai going to Caemlyn to call on Elayne.
  11. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch13 - Arymilla launches several sorties every day against the walls of the New City.
    2. KoD,Ch13 - Lieutenant Charlz Guybon brings an additional ten thousand men to support Elayne in Caemlyn.
    3. KoD,Ch17 - The Borderlands army is fifty miles northeast of Caemlyn.
    4. KoD,Ch20 - Rand sealed the Waygates at Caemlyn, Cairhien, Illian and Tear. He put a deadly trap on the open one at Fal Dara but he could not find the Waygate at Far Madding.
    5. KoD,Ch26 - A mechanic in Murandy invents the crossbow bolt crank. After teaching it to the Band of the Red Hand, he heads for Caemlyn and the Academy of the Rose.
    6. KoD,Ch31 - The Mondel Gate is a wide twenty-foot high arch in the Inner City's wall. Elayne and her party ride through the gate to Full Moon Street to capture the Black Ajah.
    7. KoD,Ch32 - Birgitte and the Queen's Guards hurry back through the Mondel Gate to the Royal Palace to get help to rescue Elayne.
    8. KoD,Ch32 - The Sunrise Gate opens eastward on the Erinin Road to Aringill and the Erinin River.
    9. KoD,Ch32 - Arymilla launches a dozen sorties at the northern wall of the New City.
    10. KoD,Ch33 - Arymilla's main force attacks the Far Madding Gate to the New City. Elayne's army manages to hold the gate and at the same time Charlz Guybon and his army attack them from behind in the streets of Low Caemlyn and defeat them.
    11. TGS,Ch20 - Mat and the Band are headed toward Caemlyn to rejoin the rest of the Band and to learn what they can about the Tower of Ghenjei.
    12. TGS,Ch36 - Verin offers to Travel Mat and the Band to Caemlyn on the condition that they stay there thirty days. This is fine by Mat, as it is twenty days' march and he wants time to scout the Tower of Ghenjei and start on the Dragons anyway.
    13. ToM,Epilogue - A Shadowspawn army enters Caemlyn through the Waygate and begins killing and burning.
  12. In A Memory of Light
    1. AMoL,Prologue - Talmanes and the Band enter the burning city, fight through the Trollocs and manage to save the dragons, but the city appears to be lost.
    2. AMoL,Ch1 - As the wind blows across Andor, war has begun overnight and Caemlyn is in flames. Egwene sends Aes Sedai and soldiers to help with refugees and Elayne and Birgitte review the damage.
    3. AMoL,Ch2 - Elayne returns to the Field of Merrilor while Birgitte remains near Caemlyn to develop a strategy to drive out the Trollocs.
    4. AMoL,Ch8 - Elayne says "Burn it" and Birgitte gives the signal for the Kin to open gateways so that lit torches can be thrown into the oil-filled basements of Caemlyn.
    5. AMoL,Ch10 - There are Trollocs outside the Caemlyn walls, and the riders shoot arrows into them, causing many of the Trollocs to fall, but none started chasing Perrin's forces. Perrin vows to continue this tactic until the Trollocs give chase.