LoC: Matters of Toh

Rand POV#

That night Rand dreams of the Age of Legends, strange flying things and ground vehicles,[1] and Ilyena. It is the first time he has shared Lews Therin's dreams. Aviendha spends the night in the Wise Ones tents. The next morning a crowd is waiting outside his apartments. Sulin and Urien lead the Maidens and Red Shields. Aviendha is there with several Wise Ones, Amys, Bair, Melaine, Sorilea, Chaelin of the Smoke Water Miagoma and Edarra of the Neder Shiande. Berelain is there, but none of the clan chiefs. He already met with the clan chiefs. There are lots of Cairhienin including Colavaere, Dobraine, Maringil, Selande and lots of Tairens including Meilan, Fionnda Annariz, Anaiyella, Maraconn, Gueyam, Aracome. Selande is one of the young nobles who imitate Maidens. The Aiel treat Berelain almost like a Wise One.[2] Rand tells the crowd that he is returning to Caemlyn immediately. Berelain reports that Mangin will be hanged this morning. As he leaves Berelain asks him to convey warmest wishes to Perrin and Mat. Rand opens a gateway and steps through accompanied by Sulin and the Maidens, Urien and the Red Shields and Aviendha. Melaine comes too, saying the Wise Ones are sending her to consult with Bael. Back in Caemlyn Rand immediately feels Alanna. Sulin is angry with Rand going first. She tells him Enaila and Somara may be right wanting to hover over him. He tells her he only wants two guards now, then he says that is only for inside the palace. Rand walks to his rooms accompanied by Aviendha, Liah, Jalani, Cassin and another Red Shield. Rand sends Jalani and the other Red Shield back to the throne room. In his rooms, Rand asks Aviendha if the Wise Ones told her where Elayne is. Aviendha asked, but they do not know either. The Wise Ones did talk about Rand, however. Aviendha tells Rand about the Wise Ones' dreams:

  • "Melaine and Bair dreamed of you Rand on a boat with three women whose faces they could not see, and a scale tilting first one way then the other.
  • Melaine and Amys dreamed of a man standing by your side with a dagger to your throat, but you did not see him.
  • Bair and Amys dreamed of you cutting the wetlands in two with a sword.
  • All three had this dream, which makes it especially significant. Rain, coming from a bowl. There are snares and pitfalls around the bowl. If the right hands pick it up, they will find a treasure perhaps as great as the bowl. If the wrong hands, the world is doomed. The key to finding the bowl is to find the one who is no longer."

Rand thinks the second dream means a Gray Man and the third means the general anarchy he has caused in the Westlands. Rand asks her if she wants to go back to study with the Wise Ones but Aviendha says she still has toh. Rand tells her she has no toh to him because Moiraine saved her from Lanfear, not him. Aviendha thanks him for reminding her that he does not know everything then she leaves. Rand thinks Cairhienin playing the Game of Houses are easier to understand than women. Lews Therin laughs at him and Rand tells him to shut up.

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Aviendha POV#

Aviendha still thinks Rand saved her from Lanfear, but her toh to him for saving her life is nothing compared to her toh to Elayne.[3] Aviendha does not know Liah, but Liah jibes her about Rand as she leaves. There is no way she can meet one toh without blocking the other but she has to find a way. A servant runs up as she walks down the hall.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] They are sho-wings and jo-cars.
[#2] Berelain's odd esteem is never explained.
[#3] For breaking Elayne's trust in watching after Rand for her.
[#4] This is Bari. (LoC,Ch20)

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