LoC: Dreams and Nightmares

Egwene POV#

Egwene is in Tel'aran'rhiod in the White Tower. She spots Nynaeve and Elayne and immediately leaps to the place of dreams. She has been visiting Tel'aran'rhiod nightly. The place of dreams holds the dreams of people from all worlds. Verin told her about different worlds and the Wise Ones confirmed it. She has already identified several people's dreams, Berelain,[1] Rand, Bair, Melaine, Amys, Elayne and Nynaeve. Rand has put Berelain in charge of Cairhien. Rand's dreams are shielded so she cannot peek. Egwene really wants to know how Rand does his traveling. Having run into Nynaeve and Elayne by accident, she decided that she can no longer risk visiting the White Tower at all. She has seen a copper skinned woman four times in Tar Valon.[2] She has seen another handsome woman very often in the White Tower and also in the Heart of the Stone and in Caemlyn.[3] She also caught glimpses of Rand, Perrin and Lan, but thinks they might be accidental dreams.[4]

Suddenly another dream moves toward her. She cannot avoid it and she is sucked in. It is Gawyn's dream. In the beginning of the dream, Gawyn saves her from a monstrous Rand.[5] She cannot escape and they make love.

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Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve is sitting on a stool nodding when she hears screams. Inanimate objects are lurching and flying everywhere. Elayne wakes. Nynaeve realizes it is a bubble of evil.[6] In the next room she finds a serving girl Mulinda and Satina crawling out from under their bed. Two Accepted, Emara and Ronelle, are being strangled by their sheets. Nynaeve sends Mulinda to wake everyone, then Elayne arrives to help free Emara and Ronelle. Outside, Anaiya is Linking a circle. Those already in the circle include Ashmanaille, Bharatine, Angla, Lanita and Nicola. Anaiya adds Nynaeve, then Elayne. Elayne wisely removes the a'dam bracelet before joining. It is a serious struggle for Nynaeve to surrender enough to let Anaiya take control. Anaiya thinks the attack might be Sammael. She does not believe Nynaeve that it is a bubble of evil. Anaiya completes the circle of thirteen Linking Accepted Shimoku and Calindin. Nicola has a Foretelling:

  • "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond.[7] Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle.[8] The land divided by the return,[9] and the guardians balance the servants.[10] The future teeters on the edge of a blade."

This circle and others finally subdue all the flying objects and Anaiya dissolves the link. Afterwards, Anaiya organizes the cleanup with those who still have the strength. She sends Nicola, Lanita, Shimoku and Nynaeve to bed. She tells Nicola that she wants to see her first thing in the morning.[11] She keeps Angla, Elayne and Calindin to help with the Healing. Anaiya seems almost disappointed when Nynaeve and Elayne insist that it was a bubble of evil and not one of the Forsaken.[12] Nynaeve sees Theodrin pass by and remembers that she is supposed to stay awake, but she is too tired and goes to bed.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Curious. How and why would she find Berelain's dream?
[#2] Leane
[#3] Siuan
[#4] Lan in Tel'aran'rhiod? Most likely it was Isam.
[#5] This is the first time Egwene learns that Gawyn hates Rand.
[#6] A bit odd that she recognizes the attack for what it is so fast.
[#7] Presumably Elayne, Aviendha and Min
[#8] After Tarmon Gai'don?
[#9] The Seanchan
[#10] The Asha'man balance the Aes Sedai.
[#11] Presumably Anaiya recognized Nicola's statement as a Foretelling and wants to have a private conversation about it.
[#12] Anaiya's odd attitude is clarified in LoC,Ch15.

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