TFoH: An Old Pipe

Gareth Bryne POV#

In Lugard, Bryne enters The Wagon Seat inn where Joni and Barim are waiting. They get their horses and ride north along the Storn River. Bryne's horse is Traveler. Joni and Barim report that Dalyn, Mara and the other two were at The Nine Horse Hitch yesterday. Lots of Whitecloaks have been passing through heading west. They wonder if Pedron Niall is planning something.[1] Joni heard from some ex-Queen's Guards that Mara was in The Good Night's Ride and that they headed west on the Jehannah Road. In Caemlyn, Gaebril is getting rid of all the old Queen's Guards and putting in his own men who call themselves the White Lions. They rejoin the rest of Bryne's men at their camp including Thad Haren and Jar Silvin. Bryne recalls his confrontation three years ago with the Amyrlin. There was a border dispute with Murandy. Elaida and Siuan had a conference with Morgase, then she ordered him to recall the troops. When he questioned the order, Siuan chewed him out in front of the whole court. They prepare to ride west after the three young women.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Pedron Niall seems to be consolidating his forces in Amadicia.

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