WARNING: Spoilers From The Books Through The Shadow Rising
Work In Progress (WIP)

These are my (Gary) predictions for Season 2. I will try to incorporate all the news and hints dropped as well as the new role castings. I won't be trying to pull stuff in from future books (TFoH and beyond) to condense the story, which I think the show writers will be doing.

General Predictions#

I think the main story line of Season 2 will be Falme. I don't think they'll include Tear and Callandor until Season 3. Rafe says the characters will have their own stories this season, so I'm interpreting that as the party will be split up in episode 1. Siuan won't come to Fal Dara and she won't meet Rand anytime soon. Fain's going to leave his message on a wall, which will be the reason for everyone to head to Falme. That message will cause Moiraine to admit to Lan that Rand is still alive and she will tell him to go find Rand, which he does, which starts Rand's training and gives him a reason to go to Falme. Moiraine won't be able to tell the others about Rand because they will have already left by the time she reads the message. The kidnapping will happen. There will be a "One Month Later..." notice sometime in season 2 because Rand needs to be trained with the sword and Egwene needs time to learn in the White Tower plus some time with the Seanchan before she's rescued. The season will end like The Great Hunt ended, with them all at Falme, Mat blowing the Horn and Rand killing Ishamael. Also killing Turak.


Here's the sources I'm using for my predictions.

  • Where Season 1 left off
  • The books
  • Online interviews of the actors and the show runner
  • Leaked audition tapes
  • Role Castings
  • Other fan predictions, with credit given, of course
  • The news from Comic-Con

Series vs the Books#

In the books, what is the status of everything right after the Eye of the World? You can read the book summary on our site by clicking on the "Summary" tab. The differences are clear

Rafe's Comments About Season 2 Overall#

“And secondly, where all the characters land at the end of this is different than they do in the first book because we are moving into seasons that will tell multiple book stories in one season. So you’ll see some of them heading off in a direction that’s very reminiscent of a later book, and some of them heading off in directions that are reminiscent of Book 2."
Entertainment Weekly
“Fans of the books will see that some characters are diving more into their book two story in season 2, and some of them are diving more into their book three story in season 2."

New Characters#

This is who we can expect to see in Season 2.

Likely Locations#

A lot of my predictions are based on what locations I think will be in the next season, because locations are expensive.

  1. Fal Dara (because that's where we ended last season)
  2. Tar Valon (because I believe Nynaeve and Egwene will head there)
  3. Cairhien (Based on Rafe's answer and Geeky Eri's video)
  4. A stedding (Based on Rafe's answer. Maybe Stedding Sholoon since it's in Shienar and maybe near Fal Dara)
  5. The Waste or the Borderlands (wherever Rand roams)
  6. Tifans Well (Moiraine and Lan go there)
  7. Falme (because I believe the season will end there)

I had read that Caemlyn had been confirmed by CBR for Season 2 but I think that rumor been busted.

Comic-Con update#

Here's two answers from Rafe that made me update my location predictions.

Q: Will we see more than one of these cities in season 2? Cairhien, Tear, Falme? A: Yes
Q: Why did you guys decide not to make the dagger instant death like the books? How did Loial survive being stabbed by *the* dagger? A: That’s a story best told in a stedding

Plus, I also listened to Geeky Eri's "All Known Locations for The Wheel of Time Season 2!"".

Why Falme?#

It's the next big event in the books.

Why Not Tear until Season 3?#

Having Falme and Tear, two big events, might be too much for one season. I'm pretty sure it will be included somewhere in the series because they already gave us a glimpse of Tear in Episode 106's cold open and I can't see Rafe teasing us with just that glimpse and not letting us see the whole thing later.

I think that the closest view of Tear we're going to get is a drawing of the Stone with Callandor in one of the books that Moiraine will be reading.

Plot-wise, Why Falme?#

There has to be a plot reason for them to go to Falme. I think it will be similar to the books. While in the books (TGH,Ch6), Padan Fain was captured and scribbled a message on the wall of his cell, in the show I think that Fain will stop while leaving Fal Dara and scribble the same message on a random wall: "We will meet again on Toman Head. It is never over, al'Thor." See the Notes section of TGH,Ch6 for why Fain chose Falme.

I think that plus Fain having the Horn and the Ruby Dagger will be enough to have the Hunters of the Horn (HotH) chase after Fain and not just go a different route to Falme.

Predictions By Character And By Episode#

Predictions by Character#

In alphabetical order.


In the books, Aviendha meets Nynaeve and Egwene on their journey to Tear (TDR,Ch38) and first talks to Rand in TSR,Ch22. In the show, will she meet Rand first or meet Nynaeve and Egwene on their way to Tar Valon or take Gaul's place in the cage (TDR,Ch34) ?


Barthanes Damodred has been cast, but he only shows up in the books for five chapters (TGH,Ch30 through TGH,Ch34). His manor is outside of Cairhien, but I haven't read of any word about Cairhien being in Season 2. Do they move it to outside of Caemlyn along with the Waygate there? The whole reason Rand goes to the manor is because of Cairhien's Daes Dae'mar and that Rand gets an invitation because of it.

Will the writers leave all of this out and maybe just make Barthanes a minor character that visits Moiraine at Tifan's Well?

Post Comic-Con update

I think that Barthanes Damodred's manor will remain at Cairhien.


See Nynaeve's section.


Unsure. I think maybe introduced in episode 1 or 3 and that's it.


I'm guessing that the whole trip of Elayne, Gawyn and Elaida to Tar Valon in TGH,Ch4 has already happened off-screen in Season 1 and we were just not introduced to them. I think Galad arrived before them for Warder training. Elayne will meet Egwene and Nynaeve and introduce them to Gawyn and Galad.


There are rumors of Faile being introduced in this season, probably to at least get the Perrin-Faile relationship of to a start. I'm looking forward to Faile's reactions to everything she learns, like in TDR,Ch44.

Hunters of the Horn (HotH)#

Below is the book set of HotH, with the modifications I think will happen in the show.

  1. Perrin
  2. Uno Nomesta
  3. Ingtar Shinowa
  4. Masema Dagar
  5. Rand
  6. Loial
  7. Mat
  8. Hurin
  9. + Elyas Machera and Hopper
  10. + Red shirt Shienaran #1
  11. + Red shirt Shienaran #2
  12. + Red shirt Shienaran #3
  13. + Red shirt Shienaran #4
  14. + Red shirt Shienaran #5

That makes ten in the party.

In the Season 2 BTH video, Screenshot 7 shows Perrin plus eight Shienaran and Screenshot 24 shows Perrin plus five Shienarans and one other person who is probably Elyas Machera. Loial and Mat are in neither of those shots, which is enough for me to remove them from this list, even though I predict they'll be at Falme. They'll just take a different route to get there.

Since Rand, Loial and Hurin are the ones who went through the Portal Stone in the books, but now they're not part of the HotH, there will be no "flicker,flicker". Neither will Selene appear here. Maybe she will wherever Rand is.

Moiraine will task the HotH with following Fain. They will will travel from Fal Dara to Cairhien using Perrin to track Fain using his enhanced olfaction instead of Hurin. Without Rand there will be no reason for Daes Dae'mar and no reason Barthanes would invite them to his manor. Do they go there anyway because Perrin smells him there? If so, will there be a Waygate

I was first thinking that the HotH would travel all the way to Caemlyn and pick up Mat and Verin there. Now I'm not so sure.

They'll all meet Elayne. Afterwards, they'll take the (moved) Waygate to Falme. It could be that the Waygate is blocked by Machin Shin and they have to take a Portal Stone, but I doubt it.

In the books, this group plus Rand uses the portal stone near Stedding Tsofu, which is a day and a half from Cairhien, to get to Toman Head.(TGH,Ch37).


Loial will be transported to Stedding Sholoon in order to heal since it's in Shienar and maybe near Fal Dara. Maybe he meets Erith there. He will be healed in time to get to Falme, as suggested by Screenshot 19.


Goes to Tifan's Well with Moiraine and then tracks Rand down, maybe just in time to save him from a Trolloc or two. He tells Rand about Fain's message. That begins Rand's training. At some point Lan feels his bond with Moiraine come back online and he heads towards her. Not sure if Rand follows or not.


Moiraine's going to be at Adeleas and Vandene's place at Tifan's Well in Arafel for a while (like in TGH,Ch22). I say this because in the Decider interview, there's this:

Judkins referenced the fact that after the introductory chapters of The Great Hunt, Moiraine is rather absent. “In Book 2 she really is in just one chapter, and she’s so limited in what she does. So, we looked at that piece that she has in Book 2 and then we figured out how to take that story that’s told in Tifan’s Well in Book 2 and expand it out to a whole season,” he said.

Since Tifan's Well is west of Fal Dara, I think Moiraine's going to send Nynaeve and Egwene south to the Tower to be Apprentices while having the others (Perrin, Loial, Uno, Ingtar and Masema, i.e. the "Hunters of the Horn") chase the Horn. Nynaeve and Egwene will go by river to Tar Valon, meeting Bayle Domon.

Q: Why would they chase after the Horn and the dagger? Mat is not around to be re-healed. (thanks to The Dusty Wheel for the question)

While she's staying with the Namelle sisters, we're going to get some exposition on the Karaethon Prophecy, such as it stating that the Stone of Tear will not fall until the Dragon Reborn wields the Sword That Cannot Be Touched (originally in TEotW,Ch13).

In ContentMode, Daniel Henney had this to say:

Lan and Moiraine will be tested. Individually and as a Warder/Aes Sedai unit. They’ll face challenges that have huge implications. I consider season 2 a “journey season” for Lan. He will be faced with many moments and situations that force him to question everything he’s believed in and how he’s lived his life up to this point. It’s really hard for me to not give too much away, but I will say this- 2 swords, multiple fades, blood….lots of blood.

So, like in TGH,Ch22, she'll send Lan away, but I'm not sure that the part about her bond to him being passed to another Aes Sedai will be included. This tweet gave me the idea that maybe Moiraine will send Lan after Rand to deliver Fain's message. Lan will track him easily enough, and maybe find him in time to save him from a Trolloc or two. This will start Rand's sword training.

Moiraine will find a way to break the shield that Ishamael put on her, maybe through her research. Maybe Adeleas and Vandene will be helping her and find it. I bet that Lan starts returning to Moiraine soon after she breaks her shielding.

Will Rand go back to Moiraine with Lan or continue on to Falme directly?

Still looking for a reason that Moiraine and Lan don't go to Falme.


I didn't look closely enough at the books. Moiraine and Lan do go to Falme, (TGH,Ch49) but seem to arrive after the battle. So maybe the breaking of her shield will make her not feel useless at Falme and give her incentive for her and Lan to get moving.


Min will make her way down to Tar Valon in time to be part of the kidnapping like in TGH,Ch39.


Nynaeve and Egwene will go by boat with Bayle Domon and arrive at Tar Valon in time to be part of the kidnapping like in TGH,Ch39. This means they will use a Waygate to get to Toman Head. Nynaeve will block herself from any more channeling. We already had a hint of that in Episode 108 when she couldn't hear the wind anymore. They might get a (mud) flat and meet Aviendha while on foot to Tar Valon.


Last we saw, Mat was entering Tar Valon. He'll be captured by the Red Ajah and probably be (mostly?) healed of the dagger by some other Aes Sedai(s). He'll speak the Old Tongue during the healing. He will meet Gawyn and Galad, who probably have been there the whole time and just not introduced in Season 1, and have the quarterstaff fight (TDR,Ch24) and will also reunite with Nynaeve and Egwene.

How will he join the Hunters of the Horn? Will the Hunt for the Horn lead them to Tar Valon so they can pick up Mat and Verin on their way to Caemlyn? Maybe Padan Fain stops at Tar Valon for a minute to speak to Liandrin?

Whatever the case, I believe that Mat will be at Falme to blow the Horn of Valere, just as in TGH,Ch47.

Padan Fain#

Fain will take almost the same path to get to Falme as in the books: Fal Dara to the Cairhien Waygate. However I believe that the Waygate that he used in the books (TGH,Ch33) at Barthanes Damodred's manor will be moved from Cairhien to Caemlyn. He can't use the Fal Dara Waygate because it's been bricked up. So he'll just head directly south, bypassing Tar Valon and Cairhien and on to Caemlyn. I don't think we'll see much of Fain until the end of the season, except for evidence, like a Fade nailed to a door, that he's still headed to Falme.

Maybe Padan Fain stops at Tar Valon for a minute to speak to Liandrin? That would allow the Hunters for the Horn to also stop there and pick up Mat and Verin.

Fade nailed to a door is confirmed! (TGH,Ch11)


I'm guessing that Rand will head off into the Waste or the Borderlands and not Tear. I'm not sure what he'll do there, but Rhuidean is too early in the story to happen (TSR,Ch23). He won't meet Aviendha.

I'm betting Lan will catch up to him and save his skin and that will be the start of Rand's sword training. Rand will then know that he needs to go to Falme because Lan will relay Fain's message.

Rand will end up at Falme for the battle. I don't know if he'll arrive with Moiraine and Lan or not or what his mode of travel will be.

Rand will kill Ishamael and also kill Turak. The Dusty Wheel agrees with me on the latter, especially since Turak is cast.


My bet is no Thom this season. In the books, Rand runs into Thom who is performing in Cairhien. (TGH,Ch25) I don't know, maybe they'll change it so that Mat runs into him in Tar Valon, but I just doubt it.


She'll be introduced in Episode 1 or 3. She finds a way to join the Hunt along with Mat.

Predictions By Episode#

Episode 201 - Split the Party#

Rafe said that every character would be on their own for at least a little while, telling their own story (source?). I think this will start by splitting the party in the very first episode.

I'm hoping the cold open will be the DFS, setting the stakes for this season onward.

There will be a scene showing Fain writing something on a wall, but we won't see the message.

Then a scene with lots of grief from Nynaeve, Egwene and Perrin over Rand's "death".

Moiraine tells the Two Rivers folk that she and Lan must leave them to research stuff and that Nynaeve and Egwene should take a boat to Tar Valon and that the others should follow Fain and the Horn (the "The Hunt for the Horn").

Ingtar and Masema will be introduced.

Mat will be captured by the Red Ajah in Tar Valon. They'll try to gentle him, but of course that will fail. The Reds will be asking themselves, "WTF, Moiraine?" Mat will be (mostly?) healed. Maybe Elaida and Verin are introduced.

There will be some scene with Rand entering the Aiel Waste or the Borderlands.

Nynaeve and Egwene board Bayle Domon's boat.

Perrin and Loial (TV), plus Uno, Ingtar and Masema leave to follow Fain.

Someone discovers Fain's writing and tells Moiraine. She and Lan go to read it (without us seeing it yet). She tells Lan to "Find Rand" (maybe also "after we get to Tifan's Well'). The camera turns away from Moiraine to the wall and Fain's message is scribbled in blood on it. When we see Fain's message, we hear him in a voiceover of it.

Go to a closeup of Fain's face. He turns around and starts walking away. Soon after, two Fades and then Trollocs come into the picture, following him. Fade to black.

Episode 202#

Nynaeve and Egwene journey to Tar Valon. Maybe they get a (mud) flat, leave the boat, meet Aviendha and continue to Tar Valon.

The Hunt for the Horn heads south. They encounter Elyas. Comic-Con update: and Hopper.

Moiraine arrives at Tifan's Well and settles in.

Also some scene with Rand. Maybe Lan catches up with him, saves his life and they start Rand's training while continuing into the Waste.

Episode 203#

Nynaeve and Egwene arrive at Tar Valon. Egwene becomes a Novice and Nynaeve becomes an Accepted soon thereafter. They reunite with Mat and Min. They also meet Elayne, who introduces them to Galad and Gawyn.

Mat's quarterstaff fight.

Elaida and Verin are introduced, if they haven't been already.

The Hunters of the Horn find a Fade nailed to a door.

Episode 204#

The Hunters of the Horn arrive at Tar Valon (why? still working on that) and leave for Caemlyn a bit later. Mat and Verin join them. There's no reason for that bunch to stick around Tar Valon long.

Episode 205#

Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne and Min kidnapped. Well, like the books, I think only Egwene and Min will actually be captured and the others escape. Rafe Judkins has basically confirmed that the kidnappings will happen.

Something with Rand.

Episode 206#

Caemlyn. We'll meet Morgase. Like others think, I also think that Morgase will be relegated to a minor role and her main plot will not be included in the series.

Something with Rand.

Something with Egwene.

Episode 207#

Caemlyn. Last scene is all entering the Waygate to Falme.

Episode 208 - Battle of Falme#

Battle for Falme. Verin and "Five ride forth, four return." Ingtar will have his moment (TGH,Ch46). Mat will blow the Horn.

Other Predictions#

There are others out there who have their own predictions. I'll include them here as I find them or someone tells me about them.