LoC: A Bitter Thought

Vilnar Barada POV#

Vilnar Barada, a Saldaean soldier, leads his patrol in Caemlyn. He would like to marry Teryane, from his hometown of Mehar. He has gone by Culain's Hound and The Crown of Roses looking for Aes Sedai, but he could not tell for sure if any of the women he saw were. Near the outer wall of the new city he sees a thin woman with a wide nose come out of a merchant's house. He could not tell how old she was.[1] Two of his men are Jidar and Rissen. Outside the Whitebridge Gate he sees a procession of armed farmers. There are three Aiel and a Tinker with them. He recognizes Zarine Bashere and deploys his men to accompany them. Both Lord Bashere and Lady Deira are in the Royal Palace.

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Perrin POV#

As Perrin and his band approach the gate to the city they are confronted by Saldaean soldiers. Aram suggests killing them.[2] Underlieutenant Vilnar Barada and Perrin introduce themselves. Vilnar Barada tells Perrin that Bashere and Rand limit the number of soldiers in the city, so Perrin sends Dannil Lewin and Aram to take the Two Rivers men[3] back to make camp west of town. Gaul, Bain, and Chiad head into Caemlyn on their own. The Saldaeans escort Perrin and Faile, riding Stepper and Swallow, to the Royal Palace.

One of the Aiel Maidens, Lerian, takes them to see Rand. Rand tells Lerian to send Sulin with more punch, then greets Perrin and Faile with delight. Min is with him. He tells Perrin that Alanna and Verin are in Caemlyn with Bodewhin, Jancy Torfinn and the rest of the Two Rivers girls. Perrin tells Rand that Alsbet Luhhan now curtsies to him. At first Faile is jealous of Min. When she realizes that she likes Rand her jealousy diminishes, but the two still do not like each other. Perrin recalls that Faile chased Calle Coplin with a stick. Perrin tells Rand that Loial came with them, but he stopped off at a stedding[4] to rest. He wagered Perrin that he would reach Caemlyn within ten days after Perrin arrived.[5] Min and Faile leave to talk among themselves. Sulin brings punch. Rand asks Perrin to go to Tear for him, but Perrin declines. He has been traveling more than two months. Rand tells Perrin that Moiraine is dead. He tells Perrin about the split of the Aes Sedai and that the two sides are jockeying for position with him. Rand tells Perrin that there is a third faction of Aes Sedai ready to kneel to him.[6] Rand says he will not visit the Two Rivers camp because his presence will put them in danger. As Perrin leaves to get cleaned up and settled, Rand tells him to think about Tear and Perrin agrees.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

This chapter takes place three days after LoC,Ch43. (LoC,Ch49)
[#1] This certainly sounds like Marillin.
[#2] Aram is becoming more and more aggressive and bloodthirsty.
[#3] The Two Rivers men include Ban al'Seen, Tell Lewin, Wil al'Seen, (LoC,Ch55) Jondyn Barran, Tod al'Caar, Kenly Maerin, (ACoS,Ch1) Rad al'Dai, (ACoS,Ch3) Flann Barstere, Jori Congar, Falton, Aemin, Jerasid (TPoD,Ch9) Hu Marwin, Get Ayliah (WH,Ch2) and Lem al'Dai. (WH,Ch6)
[#4] The one at Artur Hawkwing's statue. (TEotW,Ch29)
[#5] And he will make it in five days. (LoC,Ch49)
[#6] Rand believes that Alviarin leads a secret faction of supporters in the White Tower. (TFoH,Ch51, LoC,Ch27)

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