TDR: The First Toss

Mat POV#

After Nynaeve and the others leave, Mat spends the rest of the day planning and hoarding food. Anaiya checks up on him and says he is much better. He stays in his room all day except for a brief excursion to get a large pack. Late afternoon he packs up everything and leaves the White Tower grounds. He intends to gamble a short while to raise money then catch the first ship to Aringill. He gets caught up in the gambling however. His luck used to be average, at best. After Shadar Logoth, his luck was always very good. Now it is phenomenal. He wins every toss. A Sea Folk sailor named Raab follows him from tavern to tavern getting rich just by betting on Mat. In one tavern, The Tremalking Splice, a man upsets him greatly saying he has the Dark One's own luck. Some men with daggers follow him. Mat thinks they are pickpockets.[1] An ordinary man he barely notices[2] tries to kill him. Mat and the man fall thirty feet off a bridge. Mat lands on the man and is unhurt, but the man's dagger is implanted in his own heart. Shaken, Mat looks for a quiet inn to rest a bit and enters The Woman of Tanchico.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Darkfriends, no doubt. Thom notes that there are no pickpockets in Tar Valon. (TDR,Ch31)
[#2] A Gray Man.

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