CoT: Glimmers of the Pattern


   "And it shall come to pass, in the days when the Dark Hunt rides, when the right hand falters and the left hand strays, that mankind shall come to the Crossroads of Twilight and all that is, all that was, and all that will be shall balance on the point of a sword, while the winds of the Shadow grow.
—from The Prophecies of the Dragon
translation believed done by Jain
Charin, known as Jain Farstrider,
shortly before his disappearance"

Rodel Ituralde POV#

Rodel Ituralde, also known as the Wolf, is riding Dart in Arad Doman with twenty armsmen. One of his young officers is Jaalam Nishur. Lord Ituralde is working to save Arad Doman from being overrun by Dragonsworn. Many nobles formerly loyal to the King have now switched sides. Since King Alsalam went into hiding his orders seem intent on causing chaos.[1] The orders move his army around searching for a Dragonsworn army that is never found. Other orders from the King to nobles such as Machir, Teacal and Rahman have led to battles with his own men. Ituralde has won at Solanje, Maseen, Lake Somal and Kandelmar.

The Lords of Katar do not sell to Dragonsworn anymore. A Gray Man killed Lady Tuva trying to stop his last orders.[1] No one seems sure of Alsalam's exact location, but he is not in Bandar Eban. A scout named Donjel rides up. The leaders of the Dragonsworn are at Lady Osana's hunting lodge, ready for the meeting Ituralde arranged. Osana vanished some time ago.[2] He gives Donjel a letter to his wife, Tamsin Ituralde, in case he does not make their rendezvous at Coron Ford.

Ituralde and his men ride to the lodge where Lord Shimron meets them. Other Domani Lords who are now Dragonsworn are Rajabi, Wakeda and Ankaer. There are also Tarabon in a separate group. Ituralde announces that the Seanchan have moved into Almoth Plain and he means to stop them. There are also Aiel there and they think Rand is to blame.[3] Alsalam's latest orders are to gather as many men as possible and attack the Seanchan. Ituralde offers the Dragonsworn a truce if they will help him defend Arad Doman. He will also send the Tarabon back home to retake their homeland and he will accompany them. All of this fits into his own grand and still very secret plan.

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Eamon Valda POV#

Lord-Captain Commander Eamon Valda walks through the Whitecloak camp in northern Amadicia. They number nine thousand. It is just over a month since the Seanchan took Amador. King Ailron was killed in the battle with the Seanchan at Jeramel. There is a terrible odor, but it disappears quickly.[4] He meets with Asunawa to talk him into meeting with the rest of the Council, the surviving ten Lords Captain. There are rumors of an Andoran army in Murandy. Valda is furious that Morgase escaped or was killed. Now Galadedrid is no longer a useful tool, just another young officer. Asunawa wants to go after the Aes Sedai in Murandy, but he finally agrees to meet with the Council. They will ride tonight.[5]

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Gabrelle POV#

Gabrelle, Toveine and Logain are riding in the woods near the Black Tower. Nearly two weeks have gone by since they were captured. Desandre and Lemai ordered all the sisters to be cordial with their captors in hopes of lulling them. Gabrelle sees a strange bird flying high.[6] The bonding feeling is new to Gabrelle; she never had a Warder. There is increasing tension between Logain's faction and Taim's faction. Atal Mishraile rides up bringing a message. The M'Hael has granted Logain's request to go recruiting. Logain and Mishraile are clearly antagonistic. Logain announces that they must return to make preparations. Toveine and Gabrelle are determined to go with him.

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Yukiri POV#

Yukiri and Meidani, Gray Ajah, walk through the White Tower in the early morning. There are presently only about two hundred sisters in the White Tower. Meidani's Warder is Leonin. Meidani is one of the rebel moles. Saerin and Pevara decided to keep them secret until their usefulness runs out. There is still no news of Coiren and the embassy to Rand.[7] Yukiri seriously fears for her life; she is now sure that Tamra did not die naturally. They run into three Browns, Marris Thornhill, Doraise Mesianos and Elin Warrel. Elaida seems fiercer than ever since her private penance with Silviana. They pass a pair of Yellow sisters, Pritalle Nerbaijan with her Warder and Atuan Larisett. She is Black Ajah. Talene exposed the other two of her circle, Galina Casban and Temaile Kinderode, and her outside contact Atuan. Yukiri hopes Atuan will lead them to the other two of her circle. Three sisters were murdered at the time Temaile disappeared and others disappeared with her.[8] The two Yellow rebel moles, Celestin and Annharid, are trying to learn about Atuan's friends. Alviarin left yesterday or the day before.[9] Yukiri orders Meidani to take this opportunity to renew her novice friendship with Elaida. Siuan was Elaida's protégée when they were novice and Accepted.

They pass a tapestry depicting the humbling of Queen Rhiannon. Seaine shows up with Bernaile Gelbarn. It has been almost two months since Elaida came to Seaine, nearly two weeks since Yukiri found Seaine and Pevara. They discuss the mystery of the heads of the Ajahs secretly meeting. After the rebels left, the Ajah heads apparently handpicked the new Sitters. Serancha[10] personally chose Andaya for the Gray. Juilaine was chosen for the Brown Ajah. Suana was chosen for the Yellow Ajah. Ferane left the White Sitters less than ten years ago, but was re-selected.[11] Adelorna handpicked Rina for the Green. Talene told them Adelorna[10] was head of the Green Ajah. There are two new Browns, Shevan being the other. The Brown was the only Ajah to have two Sitters join the rebels.[12]

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Gawyn POV#

Gawyn wakes in Mistress Millin's barn in Dorlan east of Tar Valon. He does not know if Egwene is even alive, much less where she is. An army appeared out of nowhere and now surrounds Tar Valon.[13] Rajar brings news that an Aes Sedai has arrived from the White Tower.

He joins Rajar and Tomil at the Mayor's house. Garon Burlow is the Mayor. Katerine Alruddin and Tarna Feir have taken over his house. Tarna arrived the day after the mystery army, displaced Lusonia Cole from her room and took command of the eleven other sisters from Covarla Baldene. She has been searching for a way to reach Tar Valon. Katerine arrived yesterday, took command from Tarna and took Covarla's room. Narenwin arrives with orders for Gawyn from the Amyrlin.[14] She was sent to take charge of the sisters in Dorlan. She escaped Tar Valon on a fishing boat. Katerine and Tarna both desperately want to get to the White Tower. In the morning they will leave to try to make their way to Tar Valon.

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Davram Bashere POV#

Davram Bashere is riding Quick a league north of Caemlyn. He is with Bael, Tumad and an escort of Aiel and Saldaeans. They are scouting the armies that have arrived and are laying siege to Caemlyn. A mile south, five thousand of them are setting up camp on the Tar Valon Road. Bashere has a looking glass from Kin Tovere. Dawlin Armaghn and Daerilla Raened are loyal to Naean Arawn. Jailin Maran and Carlys Ankarin and Eram Talkend are loyal to Elenia Sarand. Both of them are now, surprisingly, backing Arymilla Marne.[15] A month ago only her own House and Nasin Caeren supported her. Bael says he could take out the besiegers, but Elayne told Melaine to tell him to do nothing. They know Tenobia, Ethenielle, Paitar and Easar are fifty leagues north. Bashere worries that Tenobia will have his head when she finds him. He presented her with the Broken Crown when she took the throne.

He and his men head west back to the Saldaean camp. At the camp, there is a flurry of activity around his tent. Deira was attacked when she caught two men ransacking their tent.[16] One of her ladies-in-waiting is Zavion, Lady of Gahaur. Back outside the tent, Tumad reports that the ransackers were found dead. Bashere tells Tumad to find the man who came to him yesterday and tell him that Bashere agrees.[17]

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Samitsu POV#

It is morning in the Sun Palace. Cadsuane left Samitsu Tamagowa in charge a week ago. The bells in her hair were made in Jakanda. Sashalle is with her. She is one of thirty-one sisters, five Red, who are sworn to Rand.[18] Cadsuane took some with her, then Alanna returned and took some more. There are still eighteen sworn sisters in Cairhien.[19] Some supporters want Lady Ailil to be High Seat of Riatin, but Samitsu says no; Toram Riatin might still be alive.[20] Sashalle argues that Ailil now openly supports Elayne.[21] Samitsu is annoyed at the stature of Sashalle, Irgain and Ronaille with the Wise Ones. Cadsuane surely would have dealt with that if she knew about it.

Corgaide Marendevin enters and announces an Ogier and a young man in the kitchens. Also, there is word from Stedding Tsofu that there will be no masons available. Samitsu takes note of Sashalle's young, not ageless, face and wonders what else may have changed.[22] As they head for the kitchens Alaine Chuliandred and Fionnda Annariz pass by in conversation. Some young ladies are now wearing new and scandalous outfits.[23] Bertome Saighan and Weiramon Saniago pass by in conversation. The Ogier and the young man give their names as Ledar son of Shandin son of Koimal and Master Underhill.[24] The two are really Loial and Karldin Manfor. The head cook is Mistress Beldair. Her assistants include Eldrid Methin, Kasi and Andil. The Aes Sedai have heard of a meeting in Stedding Shangtai. Samitsu reminds herself that Karldin is dangerous, not tamed like Damer, Jahar and Eben. Merise has done the best with Jahar. She tells Karldin that Rand is still sane, Fedwin Morr died of poison and the others were voluntarily bonded as Warder. Samitsu recalls bonding Roshan. Loial notes that he and Karldin did as much as they could of what Rand ordered.[25]

A servant, Cera Doinal, enters with news that Dobraine was murdered. She claims she saw Maringil's ghost.[26] They all rush to Dobraine's quarters. He was attacked and the two attackers are dead. He is alive, but near to death so Healing is risky. Karldin does not know Flinn's style of Healing, so Samitsu tries. He survives, but is still nearly dead from weakness. One of the other murdered men has a note, a forged note from Dobraine to let them into his quarters and remove something.[16] Loial is worried that there were more attackers and what they might have found. Rosara Medrano enters with news. Logain has arrived with other Asha'man and Aes Sedai.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The orders, of course, are really from Graendal and are designed to cause chaos. (TFoH,Prologue, TPoD,Ch12) We learn what happened to Alsalam himself in ToM,Ch32.
[#2] Lady Osana is currently "employed" by Graendal. (LoC,Ch6)
[#3] Sammael's doing, not Rand's. (ACoS,Ch40)
[#4] What is it?
[#5] Probably to meet with the Seanchan.
[#6] Perhaps a raken?
[#7] Alviarin has kept the debacle at Dumai's Wells a closely held secret.
[#8] Evidently the fact that the three sisters were murdered by the Black Ajah must have been covered up. This makes it odd, though, that Elaida seemed clear that Liandrin and her cohorts were Black Ajah. (TDR,Ch13)
[#9] This places the relative timing of CoT,Ch21, Alviarin's return, at nearly a month in the future.
[#10] Because of Alviarin's thought that Galina is the only Ajah head who is Black Ajah (TPoD,Ch25), Serancha and Adelorna are now known to be good guys.
[#11] She is also head of the White Ajah.
[#12] This new information implies that current Sitters Rubinde Acedone, Velina and Sedore were already Sitters before the rebellion.
[#13] The Salidar Aes Sedai and their army finally arrived. Egwene is only a few miles from Gawyn!
[#14] These orders are to use the Younglings to harry Gareth Bryne's army. (CoT,Ch16)
[#15] A condition of their release. Arymilla's forces freed them from their confinement in Aringill. (CoT,Ch15)
[#16] The attacks on Bashere's and Dobraine's quarters certainly seem to be related. The apparent target was the three surviving seals. (CoT,Ch24)
[#17] Bashere is agreeing to help Logain find Rand. This will also delay an awkward confrontation with Queen Tenobia. (CoT,Ch24)
[#18] The nine who swore at Dumai's Wells plus the twenty-three who were captured (LoC,Ch55) less Katerine Alruddin who escaped.
[#19] Of thirty-one, six are still with Cadsuane, Rand sent five to Tear and two are with Perrin. 31 - 6 - 5 - 2 = 18
[#20] Toram Riatin really is dead, of course. (WH,Ch33)
[#21] Most likely due to Verin's ministrations and/or blackmail.
[#22] Is she considering that Sashalle and the others may no longer be bound by the Three Oaths?
[#23] A la Min!
[#24] Another Tolkien reference. "Mr. UnderHill" was also Frodo's pseudonym.
[#25] Their mission was to prevent Shadowspawn from using the Ways (ACoS,Ch27). More detail on exactly what they accomplished is in CoT,Ch24.
[#26] Colavaere had Maringil murdered back in LoC,Ch53. This is the first ghost to appear. For a discussion on this new development see the FAQ, Section 1.6.3.

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