AMoL: Eastward the Wind Blew

Rand POV#

A wind rises in the Mountains of Mist. It blows eastward over the Westwood and across Taren Ferry which is nothing but burned ruins. It blows eastward across the road where refugees from Arad Doman, Tarabon and Ghealdan walk from Baerlon to Whitebridge heading to Andor. But there is war in Andor and Caemlyn is in flames. People look north to the Last Battle. Northward, the wind blows to the Field of Merrilor where soldiers wait and gai'shain bring water. There is fear of war between the White Tower and the Dragon Reborn. The end has come.

In his tent, Rand laughs as Perrin recounts his story of the Two Rivers, how Marin found him and Faile at the bottom of the stairs.[1] She mothers everyone, even old Cenn. It is very late; Min still sleeps in another section of the tent. Rand was awakened by his dreams.[2] Rand thinks it is wonderful that Perrin still retains some of his innocence. Perrin says he did not do much at the battle, giving all the credit to Dannil, Tam and Abell. From Lews Therin memories, Rand is disappointed that his wine is not as good as that from the Age of Legends. They walk through the camp and Maidens follow. Perrin carries Mah'alleinir and Rand wears Laman's sword.[3] Smiths in the camp are working with the Asha'man making more One Power weapons, mostly spear heads. Beralna explained that they are much faster to make than swords. Rand explains that he remembers being Lews Therin, sort of like a very clear dream. But he still does not know how to reseal the Bore. He is still considering trying to kill the Dark One. They arrive at Rand's office tent; Balwer now works for him. He reports that Roedran will come to the leadership meeting. That means all the major rulers will be there, mainly on Egwene's invitations. There is a small earthquake and Rand thinks how he has feared this day since Trollocs came to the Two Rivers and Moiraine and Lan took him away. Now that the Last Battle is here, he is worried but unafraid. There is a lot of activity in Elayne's camp. Rand is still stunned that he is going to be a father. They head to Perrin's camp to try to learn what is happening.

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Egwene POV#

Egwene is writing a letter to Rand. Gawyn reports that he delivered her message to Elayne and shortly a messenger replies. They Travel to Elayne's tent. She thinks Siuan would kill to be able to Travel. Elayne and Birgitte are there. Elayne says that Jesamyn did not check in from Caemlyn so she sent Serinia to check. Egwene asks Elayne for her opinion on the letter. She still wants to convince Rand not to break the seals. They searched the two foot statue library but found nothing useful. She did find a quote and an annotation in Doniella Alievin's copy of the Termendal translation of The Karaethon Cycle :
  • And light shall fail, and dawn shall not come, and still the captive rails. His blood shall give us the Light. Wait upon the Light.

She thinks it may mean that Rand must break the seals, but only at the right time, not too soon. There is a commotion and a messenger arrives with news of the attack on Caemlyn, not by Jarid Sarand, but an army of Trollocs. Captain Guybon just arrived via gateway with Serinia. They go to the Traveling ground where men are bringing through the dragons. Egwene sends Gawyn with orders to get Aes Sedai and Bryne's soldiers to Caemlyn to help. Sumeko takes charge of Healing. Guybon reports that all the Kin but Jesamyn were killed. Members of the Band bring Talmanes. He looks horrible and Guybon explains that it was a Thakan'dar blade. Egwene spies Nynaeve and brings her. Nynaeve can barely Heal Talmanes. Elayne questions Aludra. A flood of refugees come through as well. Elayne and Birgitte go through the gateway for a first hand inspection. Romanda leads the efforts on Healing. Bayle and Leilwin approach Egwene; they were following Nynaeve. Leilwin kneels and says she will serve the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene is stunned at the Seanchan and orders the Tower Guard to hold them for the time being. Nynaeve has done her best with Talmanes but she is exhausted from the effort. She is amazed that Moiraine could do the same for Tam so long ago. Egwene links with Nynaeve to offer her strength to help with the Healing.

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Rand POV#

Faile is organizing Perrin's eyes-and-ears. She is still worried about Rand going mad. Rand wonders where Perrin got his wonderful hammer; he knows the Asha'man have been making Power-wrought weapons. Rand describes dealing with his memories from Lews Therin and how that resolved. He is certain that those memories are critical for winning the Last Battle. Perrin is worried that the gathered armies will collide. Rand is set on breaking the seals despite Egwene. Perrin insists that Rand promise that the meeting tomorrow will not end in a fight and Rand agrees. As they enter the camp Reed Soalen and Kert Wagoner salute. They are very nervous with Rand but Perrin calms them. Rand thinks he is a good leader. A messenger boy arrives in a rush and Perrin sends him to find Faile. The message was that Caemlyn fell to the Trollocs. Rand is not surprised. He expected the Shadow to do something to disrupt their meeting and suspects Demandred. Rand can feel Elayne and Min, and he realizes that Aviendha is now nearby as well. He cannot let Elayne abandon their meeting. Thinking how he can manipulate the situation, he thinks perhaps the attack will make Elayne more amenable to his plan. Perrin wonders how the Trollocs entered Caemlyn. Rand says via Waygate. They cannot survive Traveling. Only gholam can,[4] and Aginor only made a few. Perrin says they have to do something about Caemlyn. Otherwise, they will have the Trollocs at their backs. Rand says it is just the sort of tactic Demandred would use. Rand blames himself, Lews Therin, for Demandred turning to the Shadow. Lews Therin competed instead of supporting. Rand thinks it is ironic that the Dark One's taint is what brought on Lews Therin's memories which will ultimately lead to the Dark One's downfall. The last time Lews Therin's destroyed them. This time, Rand's will save them. Rand sends Perrin to Faile. He will personally investigate Andor. He will not forget his promise. Unity must come before all else.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] As recounted in TSR,Ch44
[2] His dream of Lanfear. (ToM,Epilogue)
[3] Curious. Why is he not wearing Justice?
[4] Explaining why the gholam was not killed instantly by the gateway. (ToM,Ch31)