AMoL: The Choice of an Ajah

Pevara POV#

Pevara and Androl wait while Canler and Emarin go to the Two Rivers men. A bubble of evil killed forty people the week before. They see more ghosts walking. Taim's men have taken all the Aes Sedai besides Pevara. They discuss the taint. Androl insists that saidin is now clean, but Pevara points out that he still sees shadows moving and Nalaam still mutters in odd languages. They discuss the Red Ajah and Asha'man. They practice linking with Androl controlling the link. His control over her terrifies her and when he drops the link she bonds him. He bonds her in return. With the double bond they can feel each other's thoughts. Evin enters. He left Nalaam to watch. He brings news that Welyn and Jenare are back reporting that Logain and Taim have reconciled, but they have been turned. That must mean that Taim has Logain .

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Aviendha POV#

Aviendha moves through the camps and hears of the attack on Caemlyn. She heads to Elayne's camp. She needs to know what Rand is planning so she can find a purpose for the Aiel and avert the dismal future she saw. She sneaks into the tent where Elayne is meeting with Lir Baryn, Dyelin, Perival. Lir wants to fight but Elayne is firm that she has seen the city and it is lost. The refugees are on their way to Whitebridge. They will fight the Trollocs when they leave the city. Scouts will try to find any remaining trapped citizens. Elayne finally notices Aviendha. Elayne dismisses the High Seats, asking Dyelin to meet her in the morning. Elayne explains that the Waygate was heavily guarded with both Avendesora leaves on the outside but a dozen of them were Darkfriends despite publicly rejecting Gaebril and seeming loyal. Birgitte is watching the city looking for ways to force the Trollocs to leave. Elayne will return to Andor after the meeting, but Aviendha must stay with her people. She has been to Rhuidean and is now a Wise One. A messenger arrives with a letter from Rand. It encourages her to return to Caemlyn, obviously a Daes Dae'mar-style ruse to anger her and make her stay. She still does not know Rand's plan, only that it involves all the rulers. She will certainly stay for the meeting. Aviendha must go to Rand. Elayne sends for Min so the three of them can talk first.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#