TPoD: Crimsonthorn

Elayne POV#

The explosion comes in a moderate size village, Harlon Bridge. The weather is starting to look nice and Mistress Dill, the innkeeper, starts off the morning pleasantly. Outside, Adeleas tramps up dragging Garenia Rosoinde by her arm. Adeleas finally recognized her as Zarya Alkaese, a novice who ran away just before Vandene and she retired.[1] She and Careane were novices together for two years.[2] Tower law says she must become a novice again. Kirstian Chalwin breaks down and admits she ran away as a novice almost three hundred years ago! When they are told to put on white Sarainya Vostovan and Asra almost start a rebellion amongst the Kin. Reanne and Alise stamp it out.

Nine days later at Cullen's Crossing, Kirstian enters their room telling them Lan summoned them. Adeleas and Ispan are found dead. They had been drugged with crimsonthorn in their tea, then Adeleas' throat had been slit, and a stake driven through Ispan's chest. Vandene arrives. Since Adeleas accepted the tea, the killer was both a Darkfriend and someone Adeleas knew and trusted.[3] Jaem guards the door as Vandene breaks down in grief.

Two days later the party enters Caemlyn and the Royal Palace. Elayne pronounces her claim for the throne by right of descent from Ishara. Elayne leaves her companions with Reene Harfor and goes to the Grand Hall with the Lion Throne. Dyelin Taravin meets her there. She says she stands with House Trakand. She still has Naean and Elenia locked up. Elenia's husband Jarid still supports her. Arymilla has laid a claim but few support her. The biggest threats are Aemlyn, Arathelle and Pelivar. Luan and Ellorien support Elayne, but may switch. They were all supporters of Morgase. Pelivar has daughters of age, but Luan has only very young granddaughters. Dyelin says the five support her. Dyelin asks Elayne what she will do about the Dragon Reborn. Elayne tells her she will bond him as Warder and marry him. She goes on to tell her plans for Andor and Dyelin laughs.

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Daved Hanlon POV#

Daved Hanlon rides into Caemlyn. He saw Cairhien looted during the Aiel War. Following orders, he stables his horse at The Red Bull in the New City and walks to a merchant's house with a sigil - a red heart on a golden hand.[4] In the basement he meets Lady Shiaine whom he was ordered to obey. Carridin and Falion are bound to a table! Hanlon has never met any of them. Shiaine receives her orders from Moridin. Hanlon never heard of Moridin. He received his orders from Moghedien. Shiaine has a guard[5] drown Carridin with brandy and threatens to do the same to Falion. Moridin shielded her, but set the shield to dissolve so she could obey Shiaine. Moridin gave Shiaine another Aes Sedai as well.[6] Shiaine asks Hanlon if he would like to put his hands on a queen.[7]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Note: Sixteen days to The New Plow, then three more days to Harlon Bridge, then nine days to Cullen's Crossing and two more to Caemlyn for a total of thirty days from Ebou Dar to Caemlyn.

[#1] Zarya ran away from the White Tower seventy years ago. (ACoS,Ch23) This places the timing of Adeleas' and Vandene's retirement.
[#2] So why does Careane not recognize her?
[#3] Whodunit? In KoD,Ch31 we finally learn the identity of the murderer.
[#4] This is the sign of House Avarhin, Shiaine's adopted identity. (WH,Ch10)
[#5] His name is Murellin. (WH,Ch10)
[#6] Marillin (WH,Ch10)
[#7] Elayne!

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