LoC: A Saying in the Borderlands

Rand POV#

Rand walks the halls of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn accompanied by Bael, Bashere and a bunch of Maidens and Knife Hands of the Jhirad sept. Four of the Maidens are Sulin, Enaila, Jalani and Dagendra. Somara is not with them. Reene Harfor, the First Maid, and Halwin Norry, the Chief Clerk have helped him keep the palace running and in order. He has the Waygates in Caemlyn, Cairhien and Tear under guard, but he wonders what to do about the rest.[1] Taim taught him the trick of not feeling heat or cold.[2] News arrived this morning of trouble in the Borderlands. Bashere has heard nothing from home since he left months ago. Rand worries about Masema and what to do about him.[3] Bashere tells him that Ellorien of House Traemane and Pelivar of House Coelan are in the city. Dyelin of House Taravin is nearby town. Rand asks him to send invitations to them and to have Arymilla send them so they will not be coming from a foreigner. Bael reports that the Red Shields reported two Aes Sedai staying at a nearby inn. There are also stories of an Aes Sedai in town who Heals dogs and cats.[4] Rand wonders if Elaida has heard of his amnesty.[5] He hears Lews Therin's voice in his head. As they walk into a courtyard Rand sees Aviendha and Lews Therin moans about Ilyena. Rand is very confused about his feelings for Aviendha, Elayne and Min.

Rand decides to go meet the two Aes Sedai and has Jeade'en saddled. He has the little fat man angreal with him. Bael, Bashere and several Maidens and Knife Hands accompany him to the inn called Culain's Hound. The innkeeper is Master Dilham. There are many girls in the inn and Rand recognizes many of them, Bodewhin Cauthon, Hilde Barran, Jerilin al'Caar, Marisa Ahan, Emry Lewin, Elise Marwin, Darea Candwin, Larine Ayellin, Jancy Torfinn, Susa al'Seen and Marce Eldin.[6] They tell him they are going to Tar Valon to become Aes Sedai. They tell him about Perrin, Faile, Padan Fain, the Whitecloaks and the Trollocs. They ask about Mat, Egwene and Nynaeve. Verin, Alanna and their Warder[7] are with them. Cilia Cole was tested, but the Aes Sedai thought she was too old to bring along. Rand and the Aes Sedai go to a private dining room to talk. They only learned of the split at Whitebridge. They will not be taking the girls to Tar Valon. They also will not tell Rand what, if anything, they know about the rebels. Alanna casually asks where Mat is.[8] Alanna touches Rand and bonds him as a Warder. Lews Therin reacts with confusion then stunned shock. Rand shields both of them in anger. He tells them both that they may stay in Caemlyn, but they are barred from the Inner City unless he invites them.[9] Back in the common room, the girls have been told he is the Dragon Reborn, but they are skeptical. In anger he channels terrifying them. Realizing what he has done he apologizes then he and his party prepare to return to the Royal Palace.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] He will send Karldin and Loial to block them in ACoS,Ch27.
[#2] How did Taim learn it?
[#3] He will send Perrin to deal with Masema in ACoS,Ch27.
[#4] This sure sounds like Marillin.
[#5] She has. (LoC,Ch7)
[#6] Another is Elle. (LoC,Ch11)
[#7] Tomas and Ihvon.
[#8] What is her interest in Mat?
[#9] Rand's intent with the "invitation" are not clear, but Verin interprets it as a command not to leave the city.

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