TPoD: Floating Like Snow

Rand POV#

Rand is in eastern Illian riding Tai'daishar and holding saidin. He is accompanied by numerous lords, Illian Council of Nine members Gregorin and Marac, First Captain Demetre Marcolin, Tairen High Lords Weiramon, Tolmeran, Aracome, Maraconn and Gueyam, High Lady Rosana, and Cairhienin Lord Semaradrid. Rosana was recently raised to High Lady.

There are two or three thousand of Sammael's men nearby. Most of them disbanded when they heard Lord Brend was dead and Mattin Stepaneos vanished. Lews Therin has still not come back but the flashes of swirling colors continue to appear. Ignoring Alanna is becoming easier for him. Rand calls Dashiva and Eben Hopwil who is now a full Asha'man. Hopwil brought news of the Seanchan from Amador. Morr is checking out Ebou Dar.

Rand thinks again of women who died for him, Desora of the Musara Reyn, Lamelle of the Smoke Water Miagoma, Liah of the Cosaida Chareen. He adds Laigin Arnault of the Red Ajah who died at Dumai's Wells and Colavaere even though she hanged herself. Especially painful is Moiraine.

Rand rides forward with Gregorin, Marcolin, Dashiva and Hopwil. Rand speaks with the leader of the men[1] telling him he can join Rand or he can lay down his arms and go home. The man complains that they must defend themselves from Dragonsworn and Aiel. Rand amplifies his voice with Air and Fire and says Davram Bashere and his soldiers are dealing with them. Rand and his party return to the others. When Rand lets go of saidin he gets dizzy and sees double. This is a recent problem.[2] He wonders if Sammael was responsible for Aiel all over Illian. He returns to his tent.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Eagan Padros (TPoD,Ch21)
[#2] This appears to affect only Rand, not the other Asha'man, so it must be the onset of his channeling sickness, not the backlash from the Bowl of the Winds (TPoD,Ch6).

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