CoT: In the Night

Egwene POV#

The discussion on the embassy runs into the night without accomplishing anything. Magla, Saroiya, Takima, Faiselle and Varilin make every effort to stall the talks. Kwamesa, Escaralde, Berana and Romanda each insist that their own Ajah lead the expedition. Sheriam finally closes the meeting and everyone leaves. Romanda and Lelaine are still arguing. Egwene is glad that her headache is gone. Halima's massages help, but she always has dark and troubled dreams afterwards that she cannot remember.[1] Egwene returns to her tent where Chesa brings her dinner. Halima is not around.[2] Chesa helps her into her robe, a gift from Anaiya. She has to pick weevils out of her rolls.[3] Chesa is uncomfortable around Halima. Egwene wills herself into a light sleep and enters Tel'aran'rhiod.

She is in the place of dreams. Rand's dreams are shielded. Gawyn's dreams still threaten to pull her in. Nynaeve has been ignoring her. She finds Elayne's dream and summons her to the usual place. She goes herself.

At the Little Tower, Aviendha appears instead of Elayne. Elayne could not make the twisted ring work because of her pregnancy. Aviendha reports that they have not heard from Rand or Nynaeve. Egwene explains the situation with the Black Tower. Aviendha says the Wise Ones will probably not support an alliance with the Black Tower. Egwene lets her know that sisters may begin visiting Elayne in Caemlyn. This, and mention of the Sea Folk, seem to agitate Aviendha but she will not comment.[4]. Aviendha warns Egwene that Mazrim Taim is very dangerous. They exchange well wishes and Aviendha leaves.

Egwene returns to her body and dreams. She knows some have meaning:

  • Mat bowls on a village green. He knocks over pins again and again, only the pins are men and they are dead. Each pin represents thousands of men and an Illuminator was part of it.
  • Egwene walks a ledge on a cliff. The ledge collapses leaving her hanging by her fingertips. A Seanchan woman climbs down the cliff and offers to help.
  • Atop a mountain sits a white plinth with a glass oil lantern on top. Two ravens fly by and set the lamp tottering.

Egwene wakes knowing these last two dreams mean that a Seanchan woman will save her, yet the Seanchan will attack the White Tower. Egwene recalls that Elayne and Nynaeve met an Illuminator with the traveling show and wonders where Mat will meet one.[5] While she is still awake, Halima returns. She seems agitated, but goes to bed. The next morning Chesa brings breakfast. Nisao arrives and sends Chesa and Halima away. Halima goes to find Delana. Nisao then breaks the news that Anaiya and Setagana are dead near the wagons on the south side of camp. She tested for resonance and determined that they were murdered with saidin.[6] Egwene orders Nisao to learn what Anaiya was doing out in the middle of the night and why she was murdered. Egwene knows it will be another very long day.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] These dreams are evidently part of Halima's influence as well as the headaches.
[#2] And where has she gone?
[#3] The continuing theme of corruption and decay.
[#4] Is Aviendha just holding Elayne's problems in confidence or is there something more?
[#5] Aludra and Mat are both with Valan Luca's circus.
[#6] Anaiya was a close friend of Cabriana Mecandes. (NS,Ch12) Aran'gar probably murdered her because Anaiya asked Halima too many questions about her.

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