WH: The Streets of Caemlyn

Elayne POV#

Elayne rides Fireheart through the streets of Caemlyn. She is accompanied by Sareitha, her Warder Ned Yarman and eight Queen's Guards including Caseille Raskovni, Deni Colford and Tzigan. Birgitte recruits mainly women as guards. The heavily populated area outside the city walls is called Low Caemlyn. Elayne can feel that Aviendha is in the city. Sareitha says Elayne is not safe in the streets. There are ten Aes Sedai staying at The Silver Swan and they might be Elaida's. In the last few days two left and three more arrived.[1] None of them is Red Ajah, so Elayne doubts that they are from Elaida. She has puzzled over the reason for Elaida's order ever since she was drugged by Ronde Macura.[2] Halwin Norry gives Elayne excellent information on the city, but she is out riding to see for herself.

Suddenly she feels that Birgitte is hurrying toward her and is angry. They head back toward the Royal Palace. Birgitte meets them on the way[3] with news. While Naean and Elenia were secretly being moved from Aringill to Caemlyn, the guards were killed and they were freed.[4] That means there is a spy in the Royal Palace. Reene Harfor intends to question every servant. Elayne thinks that if Jarid Sarand took them then House Arawn, Naean, will stand for House Sarand. Houses Anshar and Baryn will then join them. If Naean's people took them then Jarid will try to rescue Elenia. As they arrive at the Royal Palace, Careane and one her Warder, Venr Kosaan, are leaving. Sareitha and her Warder head to the library where she spends hours every day. Birgitte leaves then Elayne sends for Reene Harfor to meet her in her apartments.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The identity and mission of these Aes Sedai are unknown.
[#2] Only Elaida knows of her own Foretelling. She interprets to mean that Elayne is the key to winning the Last Battle.
[#3] Birgitte's horse is Arrow. (WH,Ch27)
[#4] They were actually freed by Arymilla's people on condition that they support her for the throne. (CoT,Ch15)

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