AMoL: The Use of Dragons

Perrin POV#

Perrin is riding Stayer with Elayne's light cavalry, including Mayeners, Whitecloaks, Ghealdanin and some of the Band. It's purposely a small force. There are Trollocs outside the Caemlyn walls, and the riders shoot arrows into them, causing many of the Trollocs to fall, but none started chasing Perrin's forces. Perrin vows to continue this tactic until the Trollocs give chase.

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Elayne POV#

A messenger relays to Elayne that Perrin is continuing to harass the Trollocs. Elayne is disappointed that it takes too much work to relay information and tells Birgitte she wished that they could have made the ter'angreal work (one that lets you see over distance and one that lets you talk over distance). Elayne then quotes a Lini saying that "wish and want trip the feet." She tells Birgitte that she wants to see the battle herself and that she can defend herself, but Birgitte does not respond. Finally, Elayne says that she'll just go and see the Trollocs herself, but then Birgitte shows her her own copy of the Foxhead Medallion and tells her that she would carry Elayne back.

Elayne is carrying the Amyrlin Seat's (Egwene) reply regarding the Kin and Elayne's allowance of letting them work in Andor. (ToM,Ch17) She then sees Uno and stops Moonshadow so that she can talk with him. Uno tries not to swear, but Elayne tells him not to worry as Nynaeve is not around. He tells her that Kandor is in bad shape and that he wants to get back there soon as to not miss any of the fighting. He then heads towards the Travelling ground. Elayne feels Birgitte looking at him in a certain way as he's leaving and tells her that there's not time for that.

They arrive back at the command pavillion where Bashere, Abell Cauthon, Gallenne and Trom are conferring. Bashere reports that Kandor refugees are flocking to the Aes Sedai, including many fighting men. Ituralde is still waiting on Rand before moving on to Shayol Ghul and the Borderlanders are holding the Gap but they're considering a controlled retreat. It's clear to Elayne that they need to get the Trollocs at Caemlyn to charge them sooner rather than later in order to finish that battle and redistribute the soldiers to other battles.

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Androl POV#

Androl has been drugged by some drink that has made him drowsy and unable to channel.[1] Emarin is nearby. He has not been Turned yet, but he seems close to breaking. The thirteen men that Taim had been using for it are exhausted and Taim is angry at them. Pevara had also been given the tea and is knocked out, which also angered Taim because he wanted to Turn her next.

Abors and Mishraile pull Toveine Gazal into the room. Abors had joined Taim willingly even before the Turning had begun. Taim orders his men to Turn Toveine next, but his attention is on a disc in his hands[2]. Taim puts the disc in a pounch and tells Mishraile to come with him and that "it's time."

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Lan POV#

Lan, Kaisel and Easar are riding towards the battlefront. Ethenielle and her retinue, which includes Baldhere and Ramsin, join them. Narishma and his Aes Sedai approach them and tell them that Dreadlords[3], maybe as many as two dozen, are channeling. Agelmar says that the Dreadlords will cut through them easily. Lan knows that the Gap is now lost and tells Agelmar to retreat and asks Narishma if the Asha'man can do anything. Narishma says they could try to attack the Dreadlords, but that would make themselves targets, with so many on the other side. Lan tells Narishma to go to Elayne and bring back channelers to cover their retreat. Agelmar yells for the retreat and has the archers come forward to target the Dreadlords and cover the soldiers.

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Elayne POV#

Elayne is in the Braem Wood and she remembers a story about the woods and Birgitte. Birgitte once led a band of thieves out of the woods. She also robbed the Queen of Aldeshar. A messenger arrives and tells them that the Trollocs took the bait and are now following Perrin and his forces towards them.

Elayne, on Moonshadow, hears something in the forest. She embraces the Source and is able to tell that it's Perrin and his forces, riding hard towards them, with Trollocs close behind. Elayne orders the archers to the fore and the Two Rivers men do so, but she has to tell them that the first set coming towards them are their own men. Elayne is worried that the archers will hit their own men, but Tam assures her that they can hit their intended targets. She finally gives the order for the archers to loose their arrows, and the Two Rivers men fire and hit the targets, especially the Trolloc archers. Birgitte admits that it was fine archery. As Perrin's forces enter the forest, the archers keep firing. She then orders the crossbowmen to the fore and they start firing, tearing into the Trollocs. The Two Rivers men climb into the trees to continue firing.

A large group of Trollocs break off and head east to the road that borders Braem Wood in order to surround Elayne's forces. She tells her forces to fall back, which they do. A short distance into the forest and they encounter Alliandre and her soldiers standing along ranks of pikes and halberds. Elayne tells them to start falling back as soon as the Trollocs hit because they want to draw the Trollocs in further. She continues onward with her Queen's Guard toward the roadway. She hears explosions, which mean that slingmen were tossing Aludra's roarsticks into the trees at the Trollocs. The Band of the Red Hand has setup nearly one hundred dragons in four ranks across the roadway. She arrives at the roadway just as several Fades lead the Trollocs onto the road further down. The Band of the Red Hand has setup nearly one hundred dragons in four ranks across the roadway. Talmanes is atop a pile of boxes overlooking everything. Talmanes gives the order and then rank after rank open fire on the Fades and Trollocs. When the smoke clears, thousands of Trollocs are in pieces, with no sign of the Fades at all. Even nearby trees were shattered. Elayne asks Birgitte what she thinks, and she replies that they're messy, imprecise and very effective. Birgitte says she doesn't like what this means for future battles, but Elayne says this means there won't be any more wars because of these.
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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] Forkroot?
[2] A seal?
[3] Taim and his men?