AMoL: That Smoldering City

Elayne POV#

Elayne is on Moonshadow and a safe distance away from Caemlyn but where she can still see the city. She notes to herself that she hadn't ruled Caemlyn for a hundred days yet, but already the city was lost. Talmanes can't give a good estimate of Trollocs in the city, so he says there's probably tens of thousands, but not hundreds of thousands.

Gateways open up and more of her forces come through. Elayne has with her the Band, the Queen's Guard, some Andoran regulars under the command of Birgitte and Guybon, a handful of Wise Ones and Bashere and his Legion of the Dragon. Perrin and his forces have come with her. His forces include Mayene's Winged Guard, the Ghealdanin cavalry, the Whitecloaks and Two Rivers archers. Dannil Lewin approaches and tells her that Perrin's archers are ready in the forest. Talmanes questions whether the archers will be needed since they have the dragons. She says that they need to goad the Trollocs into coming out and attacking and that the current strategy will do that.

Bashere confirms that the basements of the city have been filled with oil. Elayne asks him what he thinks about her going into battle while pregnant. He says that it shows how desperate their situation is and it will make the soldiers more serious and it's also a reminder that not everything in the world is dying. He asks her if she is going to tell the army that she's pregnant with the Dragon Reborn's child. He notes that some men think that it is Doilin Mellar's child and she could easily dispel that rumor. She says that she doesn't want the child to be a target and he says that it couldn't be a greater target than it already is.

Birgitte rides up and gives the all-ready sign. Elayne says "Burn it" and Birgitte gives the signal for the Kin to open gateways so that lit torches can be thrown into the oil-filled basements. While waiting, Elayne tells Birgitte to tell the camp that she carries the Dragon Reborn's children.

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Androl POV#

Androl wakes up to find himself tied up next to Jonneth Dowtry and Emarin. Pevara is also tied up somewhere nearby. They are all shielded. Evin is also tied up nearby, weeping. He admits to Androl that they broke him. Atal Mishraile approaches Androl and tells him that he will enjoy killing him for what happened to Coteren. Androl sees Mezar Kurin and Welyn Kajima drag Logain into the room. Taim tells the two to take Evin next. Androl tries to convince Taim to take him instead, but Taim tells him he's not worth turning.

Evin comes back a few minutes later, obviously turned. Androl asks him where Arlen Nalaam is and Evin tells him he died in the cave-in. Thirteen Fades come in and take Emarin away.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#