There are seven seals holding the Dark One's prison closed. The seals are made from cuendillar, or heartstone. As strong as heartstone is, some of the seals have been broken. It is said that when the last seal breaks, the Dark One will return to the world. Here is the status of those seals.

  1. Found broken at the Eye of the World. (TEotW,Ch52) Moiraine shows the pieces to Siuan. (TGH,Ch5)
  2. Bayle Domon had one, intact, that he got from a shopkeeper in Maradon. (TGH,Ch9) It was taken by Turak. (TGH,Ch29) Moiraine found it after the fight, and it was broken by then. (TGH,Ch49)
  3. Turak had one. Moiraine found it along with (2). Also broken. (TGH,Ch49)
  4. Moiraine found one in the Stone of Tear, intact. (TDR,Ch56) In TFoH,Ch52, when they go down to the docks, Rand spots two casks with the two seals (#4 and #5) in them packed in wool for protection.
  5. Moiraine found another one in Rhuidean, and made a scratch. She put it back in her pouch. (TFoH,Ch2) In TFoH,Ch52, when they go down to the docks, Rand spots two casks with the two seals (#4 and #5) in them packed in wool for protection.
  6. Nynaeve found one in the Panarchs Palace, (TSR,Ch54), broken on the way to Salidar. (TFoH,Ch50)
  7. Mazrim Taim gives Rand one when he comes to Rand. He found it in a "decaying little farm in Saldaea. I stopped for water, and the farmer gave it to me. He was old, with no children or grandchildren to pass it on to, and he thought I was the Dragon Reborn. He claimed his family had guarded it for more than two thousand years. Claimed they were kings and queens during the Trolloc Wars, and nobles under Artur Hawkwing." Rand (or is it Lews Therin?) tries to destroy it, but Davram Bashere stops him. (LoC,Ch2)

We do not know where Rand is keeping his seal or if it was one of the items he rescued after the attack on his rooms in TPoD,Ch29. According to the Tor Q&A, Rand has the whole wagon train of items from Rhuidean stored in a warded warehouse in Cairhien, but we do not know if he left seals #4 and #5 there.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

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