TPoD: New Alliances

Graendal POV#

Graendal is in her palace in Arad Doman.[1] She forges a letter from King Alsalam to Lord Rodel Ituralde and seals it with the Hand and Sword of Arad Doman. She gives it to Nazran, a close cousin of the king, who will say Lady Tuva gave it to him after being mortally wounded by a Gray Man. The letter should create great chaos.[2] She is wearing a gold ring angreal that she found among Sammael's possessions in his chambers in the Great Hall of the Council.[3]

A chime sounds and a gateway opens. Moghedien enters with a stranger. Moghedien introduces her as Cyndane,[4] which means "Last Chance" in the Old Tongue. Cyndane is stronger in the One Power than Graendal! Both wear red and black livery.[5] Cyndane tells Graendal that Sammael is dead. Graendal only acknowledges occasional contact with Sammael. Cyndane tells Graendal that she is in charge because of Moghedien's recent mistakes.[6] Both of them start and shudder.[7] They tell her that Moridin is Nae'blis and she is now to serve him, too. Graendal does not believe them, telling them to peddle their story to Demandred or Semirhage. Moghedien channels out the lights. In defense, Graendal channels a single light creating shadows and traps Moghedien and Cyndane with Compulsion. Suddenly she is cut off from the True Source and a giant Myrddraal steps out of the shadows. Aginor thought Fades were slightly out of phase with time and reality. He says he is Shaidar Haran and that when he speaks she is to hear the voice of the Great Lord. She agrees to obey him, his first order being to visit Moridin, but does not tell him about the letter she just sent.

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Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane is on her way to the Sun Palace in Lady Arilyn's coach with Daigian and Kumira who is Brown Ajah. It is getting cold and stormy. She has been coming to the palace for over a week. They are greeted by Corgaide, Holder of the Keys, the head servant. Faeldrin, Merana and Bera are also in the entry hall. The Wise Ones gave them a day off because of the rain. She leaves Daigian and Kumira to visit with the others and subtly influence them. Corgaide takes her to a quiet room. Cadsuane is so frustrated with Rand's impetuousness she almost wishes he was raised in Far Madding.[8]

Cadsuane asks for Alanna who appears shortly. Cadsuane has been badgering her for information about Rand, but she is unwilling and unable to tell any more. When Alanna holds saidar, one of Cadsuane's hair ornaments, intertwined golden crescents, feels cool.[9] Cadsuane considered bonding Rand herself and also forcing Alanna to pass the bond to her, but Alanna's lack of control over Rand made her give up the idea. Cadsuane has little sympathy for Alanna or for Moiraine and Elaida who have bungled. She is also ticked off at herself for being off chasing Logain and Taim instead of Rand. Alanna has been Aes Sedai over twenty years.[10]

Sorilea arrives and sends off Alanna. Kiruna enters with a tray. Sorilea sends her back to her lessons with Chaelin. The Aes Sedai are having a hard time learning Wise Ones' method of weaving because they use almost no hand gestures. Once one has learned one way, learning another is very difficult.[11] This is one reason wilders are disliked. When Sorilea asks, Cadsuane tells her that punishing Alanna will not hurt Rand. In return, Sorilea advises Cadsuane to act indifferent to Rand and not chase after him, good advice. They talk about Rand being hard and brittle rather than strong and enduring. They cautiously agree that their targets may not be too different. As a final gift, Sorilea teaches Cadsuane the weave for Traveling.[12] Sorilea offers Cadsuane water oath to teach Rand laughter and tears and Cadsuane accepts.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This fortress palace is known as Natrin's Barrow. (TGS,Ch35)
[#2] The letter orders Ituralde to gather as many men as he can and attack the Seanchan to the south. (CoT,Prologue)
[#3] So it probably came from the *angreal stash in the Rahad.
[#4] Lanfear is back.
[#5] Moridin's colors (ACoS,Ch30)
[#6] Was this Moghedien taking a detour to try to take out Nynaeve or something else?
[#7] Evidently Moridin stroking their mindtraps.
[#8] Men in Far Madding are obedient to women. (TPoD,Ch10)
[#9] Her hair ornaments are angreal and ter'angreal (WH,Ch34, WH,Ch35) known as a paralis-net. (TGS,Ch22)
[#10] The original text had her as Aes Sedai for nearly forty years which contradicted her age from LoC,Ch43. Both chapters have been corrected so they are now consistent.
[#11] This is known as the second-learned weave limitation KoD,Ch23 and it is the reason Aviendha can barely make a gateway the way Elayne taught her TPoD,Ch1.
[#12] Egwene has been teaching the Wise Ones in payment for their lessons on Tel'aran'rhiod. (WH,Prologue)

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