Title: Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin

Queen of Ghealdan, Blessed of the Light, Defender of Garen's Wall

Physical Description#

She is short of her middle years and quite lovely despite a nose perhaps too long for beauty. She has dark hair. (TFoH,Ch39) She is in her middle years. She is short with very long dark hair and a long nose. (TPoD,Ch10)

Points of View#

See Alliandre's chapter points of view.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Other References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch9 - Balwer reports to Niall that Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan is waffling on the Whitecloaks offer because of her uncertainty about the Prophet.
  2. In A Crown of Swords
    1. ACoS,Ch27 - Perrin mentions that they must convince her that they are not in Ghealdan to invade.
  3. In The Path of Daggers
    1. TPoD,Ch7 - Perrin sends Berelain, Annoura and Gallenne to meet with Alliandre.
    2. TPoD,Ch8 - Selande, Meralda and Camaille report to Faile that Alliandre is staying at Lord Telabin's palace in Bethal.
  4. In Winters Heart
    1. WH,Ch2 - Gerard Arganda is barely under control after learning that Alliandre is missing.
    2. WH,Ch6 - Sulin reports to Perrin that Faile, Alliandre, Maighdin, Bain, Chiad, Arrela and Lacile were taken as gai'shain by the Shaido.
  5. In Crossroads of Twilight
    1. CoT,Ch5 - Perrin forces himself to keep in mind Alliandre and the other captives as well as Faile.
  6. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Prologue - GalinaGalina claims that Faile and Alliandre are under her protection in Malden. She agrees to take a message to them from Perrin.