ToM: A Teaching Chamber

Faile POV#

Faile rides Daylight beside Perrin to a gateway opening near Caemlyn. Gaul, Sulin and the Maidens run through to scout. They are accompanied by Alliandre, Arganda and a hundred of her guards, a hundred Two Rivers men and a hundred others, largely Cairhienin minor nobles. Galad will stay behind with his men. Grady rides through the gateway and looks toward the Black Tower. He tried to make a gateway there but it did not work.[1] Caemlyn is even more sprawling than Whitebridge with several armies camped nearby. Faile is startled that there is a circle of clear sky over Caemlyn.

They ride through the city and enter the Royal Palace with an honor guard. Elayne waits in the throne room. She is clearly pregnant and Faile wonders if Rand is the father. The official reason for the meeting is a formal thank you for returning Morgase. Elayne thanks Zarine, Alliandre and Perrin. She then asks if they would ask a boon in return. Faile asks if they can move to a more intimate setting first.

Faile, Perrin, Alliandre and Elayne join Morgase in a sitting room. The negotiations are testy at first and Morgase speaks in favor of Perrin, also warning Elayne that he is ta'veren. In fighting Perrin she is fighting the Pattern itself. They ultimately agree that Elayne will give the Two Rivers to the Dragon Reborn. Perrin will be his steward and High Lord. That will form a bond with Ghealdan and also give Andor leverage against a pact between Tear and Illian.[2] With that settled, the conversation becomes less formal and friendlier. Elayne tells them that Egwene is now Amyrlin and that Rand has upset her. He plans to break the remaining seals. Elayne thinks it is a foolish plan. Perrin says he can be of help.[3] Testing Elayne's information, Faile asks where Rand is. She replies that she does not know right now, but she does know where he will be.[4]

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Fortuona POV#

Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag enters her Teaching Chamber in the Tarasin Palace, the place where damane are taught. She mounts her throne and Selucia stands near her. King Beslan enters; he is loyal to her. Captain-General Lunal Galgan and others of the Blood join him. She plans to raise him to the Imperial family. He openly opposed Suroth and also suggested the successful assault on the White Tower. She wonders if Matrim will be as loyal to her. Her der'sul'dam Melitene steps forward with an unusually obstinate damane Suffa. Fortuona enjoys breaking marath'damane much as her brother Halvate enjoyed training wild grolm before his assassination. There are embarrassing outbursts from Suffa, but Melitene has her demonstrate Traveling gateway. Others gasp and she covers her own surprise. This will change everything about war. The mysterious Aes Sedai weapon that they feared was apparently an isolated accident.[5] Through Selucia, Fortuona asks how Galgan would use Traveling. He replies that he will need to question Suffa to learn more about it and Fortuona concurs. Speaking directly to Beslan, she states that there are still hundreds of marath'damane in the White Tower. They are the key to recapturing Seanchan, to holding this land and to prepare for the Last Battle. The Dragon Reborn must serve the Crystal Throne. Galgan will bring every damane back to Ebou Dar and train them in Traveling. As Truthspeaker, Selucia warns Fortuona that this must be kept secret. They must strike soon and destroy the White Tower.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin, Mat and Thom are in a private room in The Happy Throng. Gaul and Grady wait in the common room. They have shared their stories. Perrin gave his account of Malden, the Prophet, Alliandre and Galad. He is stunned that Mat is married to the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Mat shows Perrin the note from Verin. They have not seen her in over two weeks. The innkeeper Denezel enters with Grady. Faile asked him to remind them when it turned midnight. They discuss the images of Perrin and Mat that are circulating. Thom tells them the story of Villiam Bloodletter and his battle with the Banath savages of Almoth Plain. They discuss options for avoiding assassins. Mat says he is leaving soon. He needs a gateway to the Tower of Ghenjei to rescue Moiraine. Perrin remembers it.[6] Mat says only three can come; Olver will be furious. Perrin is confused so Mat begins the whole story.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Indicating the location of the second dreamspike.
[#2] The beginnings of the Pact of the Griffin?
[#3] Not exactly the help that Elayne assumes! (ToM,Ch53)
[#4] The Field of Merrilor
[#5] The explosion from Elayne's unweaving of their gateway. (TPoD,Ch6)
[#6] From TSR,Ch28.

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