AMoL: To Require a Boon

Rand POV#

Rand wakes up, opens his tent flaps and sees Katerin guarding his tent. He asks her if his clerks have returned from Tear and when she responds that they have, he tells her to send word to the other rulers that he'll meet them in one hour. She then leaves to relay his command. There are still three other Maidens guarding his tent. He turns around to find Aviendha standing naked in the tent. He takes the nearby barrel of water and turns it into a warm, soapy shower for them both and then rinses them both off. She tells him that she will ask a boon of him today.

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Egwene POV#

Egwene is walking around a pillar of glass in her dream, but cannot interpret what it means.[1] When she wakes, she realizes that she went to sleep in the small sleeping chamber in her study in the White Tower. She later finds Gawyn at Silviana's desk looking at a report about the latest new on Caemlyn. She then asks Gawyn about Leilwin and Domon. He says that he has them under guard and that Nynaeve vouches for them. Caemlyn is lost, and held the food supply for the Andoran army. She writes a note for Silviana telling her to send sisters capable of helping to Caemlyn to help with the refugees. Gawyn then tells her about the note at the bottom of the report, which says that Rand wants to meet all the rulers in a half-hour. Egwene makes a gateway back to her tent in the Field of Merrilor, steps outside and finds Silviana waiting. She gives the note to Silviana. She continues on until a groom brings her horse, Sifter. She then states that only Sitters can attend the meeting with her.

All of the armies are gathering, including the Aiel and the Sea Folk. Darlin and Gregorin come forward to greet Egwene. She tells them that Silviana has some words for each of them. Roedran approaches, but not too close. Egwene mentions that his rule is consolidating, which he acknowledges. She then tells him "You're welcome."

Egwene sees Rand crossing the field with a large bundle floating next to him. The grass is turning green as he walks on it. She asks Gawyn to go find out how he's doing that. As Rand is crossing the field, the bundle comes apart and becomes a massive pavilion staked to the ground. When it's complete, Rand tells the leaders that they can each bring five. Egwene brings Silviana, Saerin, Romanda, Lelaine and Gawyn. The other leaders allow Egwene and her party to enter first. King Easar from Shienar leads the Borderlanders in. King Alsalam leads the Domani group, which surprises Egwene and Silviana. Elayne enters for Andor. Cadsuane enters as part of Rand's group, as do Min, Perrin, Faile and Nynaeve. When King Roedran of Murandy enters, several Asha'man (Narishma, Flinn, Naeff) move behind him. Rand approaches King Roedran as if he's expecting something, but then says "You're not him, are you?...Where are you?"[2] Gregorin brought some Illainer noblemen. King Paitar was there from Arafel, King Darlin from Tear, Queen Tenobia from Saldaea, Queen Alliandre from Ghealdan and Berelain from Mayene.

Rand explains the dire situation that they're all in and says that it's time to plan. That they need to present a unified attack this time. That they need to plan for post-Battle and not have countries start attacking each other postwar. He then presents a document he calls the "Dragon's Peace", one of three things that he requires, which sets country boundaries, rules for engagement, plans for education, among other things. This causes an uproar among the leaders. The second thing he requires is the seals. He wants to break them. Egwene objects, that it's her job as Amyrlin to handle them. The other leaders ignore that conversation and focus on the Dragon's Peace while Egwene and Rand continue to talk about the seals. Rand says that he plans to kill the Dark One. Egwene calls him insane, which he agrees is part of the price he's paid for being the Dragon Reborn. Egwene hears a faint crackling sound outside and the sunlight dims.[3] The conversation returns to the document and then Roedran says that he wants to know what the third requirement is. Rand says that he wants total control of all of the armies. This starts new arguments, with Egwene and Rand yelling at each other.

Then Moiraine enters the tent.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] See AMoL,Ch37
[2] Looking for Demandred?
[3] See AMoL,Ch7. Trees.