WH: The Scent of Madness

Perrin POV#

Perrin finds Dannil by one of the fires with Lem al'Dai. He tells Perrin that Masema's men are three miles southwest. Perrin issues orders. They will ride toward the ambush site then Grady and Neald will open a gateway. He also sends orders to Berelain and Gerard Arganda to get the Mayeners and Ghealdanin moving. He wants the Wise Ones to stay close. Perrin sends Kenly Maerin to saddle Stepper. Basel Gill comes up and tells him that Tallanvor rode out to search on his own. Gill says that he wants to help, as he is very fond of Maighdin. Lini snaps at Perrin in anger when he asks about a meal. In embarrassment, Gill explains about the rumors and Perrin is furious. He is sure that Lini told Breane who then would tell everyone.

Kenly Maerin brings Stepper. Selande comes up leading a dozen Cha Faile. They want their horses. Perrin refused them because they insist on acting like Aiel. Medore Damara demands her favorite, Redwing. She is daughter of High Lord Astoril. Perrin says they can have their horses only if they agree to obey him. Reluctantly Selande agrees. Carlon starts to protest, but Selande stops him.

After they leave, Perrin notes that the Wise Ones[1] and Seonid and Masuri have joined the Two Rivers men as he asked.

Just then the scouting party of Maidens and Warder returns. They include Furen Alharra, Teryl Wynter, Rovair Kirklin, Sulin, Briain and Elienda. Sulin reports that Faile, Alliandre Kigarin, Maighdin Dorlain, Arrela Shiego, Lacile Aldorwin, Bain and Chiad were taken gai'shain so they are alive. The Aiel then headed south. Jondyn Barran and Elyas Machera are still following. They collected arrows from the site. Half are Shaido arrows and half are from other clans. There is at least one sept of Shaido and they are several days south. Furen Alharra then reports that they found signs of five to ten thousand soldiers in the area as well. They are also heading south. Sulin adds that they saw Seanchan fliers three times. From Balwer's information, Perrin thinks the soldiers are Seanchan, Whitecloaks or both. He feels like he is caught in a blacksmith's puzzle.

Perrin announces that they will Travel forty miles to the south. He sends Neald ahead to find Elyas and the others. Perrin starts to issue orders to find Masema. At that moment there is a call and Masema walks into view with a hundred of his men. Masema tells Perrin that all of the Dragonsworn insisted on coming. Some think Perrin is Shadowspawn because of his eyes.[2] Perrin tells him to head east. He has to find his wife who was kidnapped by Aiel. Masema is surprised that the rumors of Aiel are true and he insists on coming along with all his men. He also agrees to Travel this one time. Perrin smells nothing but madness in him.[3]

More Perrin POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Carelle, Delora, Edarra, Janina, Marline and Nevarin.
[#2] This actually comes from Masema himself and he will convince others as well. (KoD,Ch30)
[#3] Perrin finds Masema's reactions odd, and with good reason. His dealings with the Seanchan and Aes Sedai make his intentions anything but clear.

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