TPoD: A Goatpen

Perrin POV#

Perrin and his forces are in Ghealdan near the town of Bethal where Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin is staying. He hears thunder. They are in the heart of Prophet country but just out of Whitecloak range. They have heard rumors that Amador has fallen. They have been heading south trying to keep a low profile. Perrin is with a small group, Faile, Aram, Berelain, Annoura, Gallenne, Seonid, Edarra and Nevarin. Faile is riding Swallow and Perrin is on Stepper. They discuss who should approach Alliandre. Faile and Berelain both want to go to Alliandre. Annoura, Seonid, Edarra and Nevarin are watching. Asha'man Grady and Neald are back in the camp. All channelers felt a streak of the One Power more than half a week ago.[1] Seonid's Warder, Furen and Teryl, ride up. Seonid says she is the best choice because she has been in Ghealdan before and her name is known. Seonid and Masuri are apprenticed Wise Ones. Perrin sends Berelain, Gallenne and Annoura. The rest ride back toward their camp.

Aram notices a fight at an abandoned farm; Seonid advises them to avoid it. Perrin, Aram, the Warder and Faile go to intervene and the channelers create fireworks that scare off the attackers. The victims are Maighdin and her party.[2] Teryl captured one of the attackers; they were the Prophet's men. He claims that the leader, Hari, got away.[3] Perrin releases the one they caught with a message to Masema, that Perrin Aybara, in the name of the Lord Dragon, will hang anyone committing crimes. Maighdin accepts his offer of protection. Perrin recognizes two of the men[4] and wonders if ta'veren effect brought them together.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Seven days, to be exact (TPoD,Ch10), since TPoD,Ch6.
[#2] Morgase, Lini, Breane, Tallanvor, Lamgwin, Gill and Balwer.
[#3] He lies. He really is Hari. (TPoD,Ch30)
[#4] Basel Gill and Lamgwin Dorn.

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