TFoH: Fading Words

Rand POV#

Rand sees Moiraine and Lanfear fall through the twisted red doorway. Intense bright light and lightning come from the door, then it and the whole wagon burn with an acrid smoke.[1] Lan staggers forward. He says he can no longer sense Moiraine.[2] Asmodean looks terrified. Mat, Amys, Bair, Melaine and Sorilea gather around Aviendha and Egwene. Aviendha is recovering, but Egwene is badly hurt. The Wise Ones tell her that she is banned from Tel'aran'rhiod until she is well. Rand blames himself for Moiraine's death because he could not kill Lanfear. All the action has drawn a crowd from the city. Dobraine is there. Talmanes, Nalesean and Daerid are near Mat. Rand can see Meilan and Maringil watching from the walls. Rand asks Lan to stay, but he says he must leave. Moiraine passed his bond to a Green Ajah sister.[3] He can feel her in the west and must go to her. He asks Rand to bid farewell to Nynaeve for him. He salutes Rand, "Tai'Shar Manetheren." And Rand replies, "Tai'Shar Malkier." Lan rides off on Mandarb leaving Aldieb at the wagons.[4]

Rand goes to the dockmaster's cabin to be alone and opens Moiraine's letter. Moiraine writes that if he is reading this letter, then things happened as she hoped. She knew since Rhuidean that news of Morgase would arrive and that the next day would end at the docks. How she knew this is someone else's secrets.[5] There were two other possible outcomes, Lanfear killing him or Rand joining her. She hopes Egwene and Aviendha are okay. Beyond today she knows only "one small thing" after which does not concern Rand.[6] She warns him to trust no Aes Sedai, to be as suspicious of Verin as of Alviarin. Rand wonders why those two?[7] He must be free and even the best intentioned Aes Sedai will try to influence him. She asks him to deliver Thom's letter.[8] Finally she warns him to be careful of Jasin Natael. She cannot approve, but understands. She warns that he is the same man he always was. Rand wonders how she knew about Asmodean.[9]

Sulin enters and begins breaking her spears. The Maidens are dishonored since he will not take them into battle against one of the Forsaken. Rand explains his feelings about women in danger, but it does not matter. Rand mentions it is Rahvin. Sulin notes that the society leaders, Roidan of the Thunder Walkers and Turol of the Stone Dogs, held back that piece of information. Rand finally agrees to let the Maidens come. Outside, he sees a long line of Maidens headed by Enaila, all waiting to break their spears. When they see Sulin smiling they begin congregating around her. Mat who is standing nearby says, "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain." ("It's time to roll the dice.")

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In response to a fan letter Robert Jordan wrote, "When Moiraine and Lanfear went through the ter'angreal, it burned in part because both were channeling, and the world on the other side of the doorway has a radically different set of natural laws."
[#2] Everyone believes that both Moiraine and Lanfear are dead. (TFoH,Ch53) However, her letter to Thom indicates that she is alive and awaiting rescue from the Tower of Ghenjei. (KoD,Ch10, ToM,Ch57) Lanfear will get a new lease on life as Cyndane. (TPoD,Ch12, WH,Ch35) Brandon Sanderson explained that their bond was severed by the destruction of the twisted red doorway.
[#3] Myrelle
[#4] Aldieb will be taken back to the Sun Palace stables. The wagons full of ter'angreal will be stored and Rand will ward them so no one else can touch them. (Tor Website Q&A) In Salidar, Myrelle feels her new bond to Lan and begins preparing for him to come. (LoC,Ch52)
[#5] This must mean the three rings that are the Wise Ones' secret.
[#6] What is this? Does it involve Thom?
[#7] Good question. Did Moiraine choose these names at random or does she know/suspect something about one or both of them?
[#8] Rand will give the letter to Mat in LoC,Ch33 and he will deliver it to Thom in LoC,Ch40. Early speculation was that this letter contains the names of the Red Ajah sisters who gentled Owyn as she promised Thom in TSR,Ch17. This turns out not to be the case. (KoD,Ch10)
[#9] From her frequent eavesdropping, e.g., in TFoH,Ch15.

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