TFoH: Choices

Rand POV#

The next morning Rand prepares for his attack on Rahvin. Aviendha is in the room with him getting dressed. She tells him that she did not tell Sulin to ask the Maidens, Enaila, Somara, Lamelle and others, to watch him.[1] They did that on their own. She asks numerous questions about his plan[2] and he assures her that everything is arranged. Rand met with Rhuarc and the other clan chiefs last night to outline his plan. Then more than fifty Wise Ones led by Amys, Bair, Melaine and Sorilea came to make sure his understood his obligations to the Aiel. Aviendha alerted them. Aviendha tells him that a woman came to his quarters last night while he was away. Rand completely forgot about his dinner with Colavaere. Aviendha took her back to her rooms and beat her.

There is a knock and Asmodean enters. He says everyone is on pins and needles after hearing screams last night from Colavaere's quarters. Rand ordered him to stay in Cairhien, but he pleads to go with Rand. Rand finally agrees. Asmodean still has only a fraction of his old strength. Rand wonders if Lanfear was lying about her shield slowly fading. He thinks that would be like her, then wonders if that is his own thought or Lews Therin's. Rand considers going to Tear for Callandor or to Rhuidean for the control statue, but he does not trust himself with that much power.

Rand opens the door to find Mat standing there. There are no Maidens.[3] Mat tells Rand what happened with Melindhra. Rand says he will deal with Sammael later.[4] Aviendha thinks Rand is responsible for the Maidens not being there. As the four of them leave, Egwene and Moiraine join them. Moiraine gives him two letters, one for him to read later and one for him to pass on to Thom Merrilin.[5] She then tells him that there is something urgent he must see at the docks. Rand grudgingly agrees that an hour delay will not hurt, so they leave for the docks.

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Hadnan Kadere POV#

Down by the docks, Kadere wishes he could get away. Lanfear has not returned to his dreams for some time, but he still fears her too much to flee. He wishes he knew whom to trust. The last of his Darkfriend drivers fled two days ago. He does not know the identity of the Aiel woman who slipped him the note. He sees Rand, Moiraine and the others ride up.[6] Lan has joined them. Last night she made him personally pull the cover off the twisted red doorway. He remembers seeing Herid fall halfway through it at Rhuidean. He was the first to leave after Jangai Pass. He thinks Rand is sleeping with Aviendha. Kadere wants to talk to Natael, the only other Darkfriend he knows, but Natael has not been near him since they entered Cairhien. He is surprised that there are no Maidens around. Suddenly Keille appears. He follows her into his wagon where she reveals herself to be Lanfear. She says she has been too busy to watch Rand and asks him for the latest news. He begins talking and Lanfear begins to grow angry.[7]

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Rand POV#

At the wagons, Rand ties up Jeade'en and asks Moiraine what he is supposed to see. He can see two casks and can sense the evil of the seals in them. Suddenly Kadere's wagon explodes and Rand, Moiraine and Lan run toward it. Lanfear steps out holding Kadere's whole skin. She is irate that Rand slept with another woman.[7] She casually knocks Moiraine and Lan aside, then sends waves of fire over the nearby Aiel. Rand weaves a shield to stop the fire from spreading. Mat and Asmodean are left outside the wall, but Egwene and Aviendha are near him. Lanfear begins torturing them. Rand cuts her weaves with Spirit, Fire and Earth. Rand and Lanfear battle trying to shield each other. He calls her Mierin and tells her he always belonged to Ilyena. He can feel in his thoughts from Lews Therin that there is a way to defeat her, but he cannot bring himself to do it. She begins torturing him and climbs atop the wagon with the twisted red doorway. He sees that she is now holding an ivory bracelet. He can feel himself dying but he cannot make himself kill her.

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Moiraine POV#

Moiraine crawls out from under a wagon. She sees Rand, then Lanfear. It is the image she saw in Rhuidean. She sees the ivory bracelet, an angreal that she brought from Rhuidean and placed on the wagon yesterday. Carefully she climbs onto the wagon, opens herself to saidar and leaps at Lanfear grabbing the ivory bracelet from her. They both fall through the twisted red doorway.[8]

Possible Spoilers#

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] When the Maidens insisted on accompanying him in the attack on Couladin and the Shaido. (TFoH,Ch43)
[#2] This seems atypical of Aviendha's behavior. Is this nervousness about the Maidens who will demand to accompany him (TFoH,Ch53) or something else?
[#3] They are waiting for him elsewhere. (TFoH,Ch53)
[#4] So Rahvin's, Sammael's, Lanfear's and Graendal's plan to keep Rand focused on Sammael fails. (TFoH,Ch34)
[#5] Rand will give the letter to Mat (LoC,Ch33) who will eventually deliver it to Thom. (LoC,Ch40) We finally learn the content of the letter in KoD,Ch10. Rand notes the impression of Moiraine's great serpent ring in blue sealing wax. Mat's description in LoC,Ch40 has been corrected to agree with this.
[#6] Kadere apparently is clueless about the impending attack.
[#7] Isendre told Kadere that Aviendha was sharing Rand's bed. (TFoH,Ch29) Kadere foolishly passes this incorrect information to Lanfear.
[#8] Everyone believes that they are both killed. (TFoH,Ch53) However, Moiraine's letter to Thom indicates that she is alive and awaiting rescue from the Tower of Ghenjei (KoD,Ch10, ToM,Ch57) and the Dark One will give Lanfear a new lease on life as Cyndane. (TPoD,Ch12, WH,Ch35)

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