Pronunciation: CAH-lahn-DOOR

Also known as the Sword That Cannot Be Touched. It is a crystal sword that hangs suspended in the center of the Heart of the Stone, the central chamber of the Stone of Tear. It is actually an extremely powerful male sa'angreal.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Eye of the World
    1. TEotW,Ch13 - The Karaethon Prophecy states that the Stone of Tear will not fall until the Dragon Reborn wields the Sword That Cannot Be Touched.
  2. In The Dragon Reborn
    1. TDR,Ch4 - Perrin dreams of the Heart of the Stone and Callandor.
    2. TDR,Ch6 - Half the people in the camp shared Rand's dream of Callandor.
    3. TDR,Ch27 - In Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene finds herself in the Heart of the Stone near Callandor and "Silvie" tells her about it.
    4. TDR,Ch29 - Nynaeve asks Siuan what Callandor is, startling her and terrifying her with the concept that the Forsaken are interested in it.
    5. TDR,Ch32 - In his dreams, Rand urges Rand to go after Callandor.
    6. TDR,Ch36 - Callandor continues to pull at Rand.
    7. TDR,Ch46 - Lord Gaebril says Be'lal is too impatient about getting Callandor.
    8. TDR,Ch48 - Egwene dreams of Rand moving toward Callandor. Six men and five women walk around him. Some try to stop him, some try to help him and some ignore him.
    9. TDR,Ch49 - In Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene visits the Heart of the Stone and sees the thirteen Black Ajah seated around Callandor.
    10. TDR,Ch49 - Mat dreams of both Be'lal and Rand holding Callandor.
    11. TDR,Ch50 - Moiraine thinks that Be'lal will let Rand take Callandor and then he will take it from Rand.
    12. TDR,Ch53 - Hundreds in Tear dream of Rand holding Callandor.
    13. TDR,Ch54 - Rand enters the Stone of Tear and follows the calling of Callandor.
    14. TDR,Ch55 - Rand reaches the Heart of the Stone. As Ba'alzamon attacks him he takes Callandor and finally slays Ba'alzamon with it. Callandor even deflects balefires.
    15. TDR,Ch56 - Rand strides through the Stone of Tear carrying Callandor.
  3. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch1 - Min tells Siuan that Rand is headed for Tear and she immediately knows that he is after Callandor.
    2. TSR,Ch2 - Rand holds Callandor after the attack of the bubbles of evil.
    3. TSR,Ch8 - The presence of Callandor in Rand's quarters makes the High Lords very nervous.
    4. TSR,Ch9 - Lanfear does not trust Rand enough to let him touch Callandor in her presence.
    5. TSR,Ch10 - Rand uses Callandor to destroy an army of Trollocs and Fades. Feeling that he can do anything, he tries to revive a dead child.
    6. TSR,Ch17 - Siuan receives word from Moiraine that Rand has taken Callandor.
    7. TSR,Ch26 - When Jonai is summoned to the Hall of the Servants, he sees Someshta and several Aes Sedai around a table with the Dragon Banner and Callandor. They are discussing the making of the Eye of the World.
    8. TSR,Ch33 - Verin asks if Rand has the sword and Perrin confirms that he does.
  4. In The Fires of Heaven
    1. TFoH,Ch1 - Barim tells Bryne about Tear and Callandor.
    2. TFoH,Ch2 - Moiraine chides Rand for leaving Callandor behind in Tear.
    3. TFoH,Ch6 - Rand remembers his wild, out-of-control feeling when he used Callandor and fears using that much of the One Power again.
    4. TFoH,Ch14 - Even in Tel'aran'rhiod Nynaeve is afraid to touch Callandor because of Rand's wards.
    5. TFoH,Ch24 - In Tel'aran'rhiod, as Egwene brushes against Callandor she thinks that Nynaeve is wrong. Rand's wards on it are not physical.
    6. TFoH,Ch52 - Rand considers fetching Callandor or the control statue for his attack on Rahvin, but he is afraid of too much power.
  5. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch28 - Rand returns to the Heart of the Stone and inverts the weaves on his traps around Callandor.
  6. In The Path of Daggers
    1. TPoD,Ch14 - Rand sends Narishma to fetch Callandor.
    2. TPoD,Ch21 - Rand returns with Callandor complaining that Rand did not tell him about all the wards.
    3. TPoD,Ch24 - Rand uses Callandor with disastrous results.
    4. TPoD,Ch27 - Cadsuane tells Rand that Callandor is flawed and unsafe unless used by a circle of a man and two women with a woman in control.
  7. In Winter's Heart
    1. WH,Ch35 - Rand takes Callandor with him to Far Madding and leaves it buried outside of town.
    2. WH,Ch35 - Rand retrieves Callandor before going to Shadar Logoth. Jahar uses it with Merise and Elza to help defend Rand from the Forsaken. Afterwards Cadsuane takes Callandor.
  8. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch21 - The Defenders of the Stone still guard the Heart of the Stone though Callandor is no longer there.
  9. In The Gathering Storm
    1. TGS,Ch14 - Cadsuane keeps the male access key and Sad Bracelets in a heavily warded box in her rooms. She left the Sad Bracelets copies, the a'dam and Callandor with some women she trusts.
    2. TGS,Ch37 - Rand thinks that Callandor is another box, requiring him to give up control to use safely.
    3. TGS,Ch47 - In the Stone of Tear, Rand wonders about Callandor. It is an inferior, flawed sa'angreal, so why is it mentioned in the Prophecies of the Dragon and the Choedan Kal are not?
    4. TGS,Ch48 - The Prophecies of the Dragon say, -He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one.- Min and Cadsuane think this has something to do with how Rand must use Callandor, but they are still missing something.
  10. In Towers of Midnight
    1. ToM,Ch13 - Rand asks Min to keep studying Callandor to find out why it is important.
    2. ToM,Ch15 - Rand tells Nynaeve that he wants her to help him use Callandor at Shayol Ghul.
    3. ToM,Ch32 - In her studies, Min sees Callandor described as a 'fearful blade' or 'the blade of ruin'. The Jendai Prophecies says, 'and the Blade will bind him by twain.' Min thinks it may open Rand to attack somehow.
    4. ToM,Ch51 - Rand takes Callandor with him when he visits the Borderlanders.
    5. ToM,Ch51 - Min has a viewing, a glowing sword, Callandor, being gripped in a black hand.