LoC: A Taste of Solitude

Rand POV#

Rand orders Berelain and Rhuarc to hang Mangin tomorrow, then he leaves for his school. Jalani and Dedric, a Red Shield of the Jaern Rift Codarra, follow him. He is alone except for them and, of course, Alanna and Lews Therin whispering about Ilyena. Rand established the School of Cairhien in the late Lord Barthanes' palace a mile from the Sun Palace. The head of the school, Idrien Tarsin, is waiting for him when he arrives. Even his school has spies. There are all sorts of inventions - an improved paper making process, an improved printing press and a six furrow plow. Kin Tovere is building a telescope to look at the stars. Idrien built the huge crossbow used in the siege of Cairhien. There is a gas lamp and a hot air balloon. Mervin Poel is working on a steam engine. Rand goes upstairs to visit Herid Fel in his study. As Jalani and Dedric accompany him, he realizes that they like each other. In his study, Rand asks Herid about the Warder bond. Herid says he does not think it can be broken. Rand then asks if he has learned any more about what Tarmon Gai'don will be. Herid says it will not really be the Last Battle. Because the Wheel of Time turns, there will come a time again when the Dark One's prison is whole and no one even remembers him. No one can do what the Creator did, yet somehow the prison will get back to the way it was in the Age of Legends. Rand then asks if there is any reason to break the seals. Lews Therin chants for Rand to break the seals.

Egwene POV#

Egwene is with the Wise Ones when Aviendha arrives, but Amys, Bair and Melaine summon her into a meeting and exclude Egwene. Instead, Egwene goes to the Sun Palace to see Rand. She gets lost in the palace and runs into Sorilea. Sorilea tells her that Rand went to his school. The Wise Ones seem very fond of Berelain.[1] Thinking of Berelain makes her think of Gawyn and she blushes. Interpreting her blush correctly, Sorilea begins probing about what man holds her interest. She asks if it is Sanduin or a bunch of others. She takes Egwene to Rand's quarters and leaves. Niella, Aviendha's first sister is there. A weaver who was taken gai'shain, she is changing linens. Egwene asks if she knows why the Wise Ones want to talk to Aviendha, but Niella becomes angry and refuses to discuss it. She leaves.

Rand eventually returns. He still has the Dragon Scepter and she again wonders where he got it.[2] She asks him to help convince the Wise Ones to let her resume her "studies." She can bring him messages from Elayne then. Rand says he will help if she tells him where Elayne is. When she refuses, Rand tries to use his ta'veren effect and it almost works. She leaves in anger. She is desperate to return to Tel'aran'rhiod "legally" so she can meet with Elayne and Nynaeve. She wonders why Sheriam and the others have not yet approached Rand.[3]

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Rand POV#

After the door closes Rand thinks how much Egwene has changed. He feels more distant from her. He prepares for meetings with the Cairhienin, Colavaere, Maringil and Dobraine, Tairens Meilan and Aracome, and Timolan and the other clan chiefs. He likes not having a coterie of Maidens around him.

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Sulin POV#

Sulin is annoyed at having to keep track of Rand from a distance. She would set Enaila and Somara on him if they were here. She thinks nothing must happen to the only son of a Maiden to come back to them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This seems a bit odd and is never explained.
[#2] Rand and Aviendha kept their excursion to Seanchan very close. (TFoH,Ch32)
[#3] Their embassy is on the way.

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