The Dragon's Peace is a peace treaty between all the nations, plus the Seanchan, that is to govern them all after the Last Battle. (AMoL,Ch5, AMoL,Ch6)

First Draft#

  • It locks the borders of all the nations to their current positions.
  • It forbids countries attacking countries.
  • It requires the opening of a great school in each capital, fully funded and accepting all who wish to learn.
  • If a country is attacked or enters into a minor armed border dispute, then all other nations have an obligation to defend the country attacked.
  • There are tariff restrictions to prevent the strangling of economies.
  • There are barriers on marriages between rulers of nations unless the two lines of rule are clearly divided
  • There are provisions for stripping the land of a lord who starts a conflict.

First Amendments#

  • If the Seanchan ruler does not sign the document, then the document is voided.
  • The Aiel, all but the Shaido, are the enforcers of the peace and mediators of disputes between nations. Any nation can call upon them if they feel abused and the Aiel will provide redress.
  • The Aiel can hunt criminals across national boundaries.
  • The Aiel are to be subject to the laws of the nations in which they reside at the time, but they are not subjects of that nation.
  • The Aiel can call upon other nations to aid them in their enforcement if they decide that their own numbers will not be enough.

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