TGH: Choices

Rand POV#

Selene's horse is not scared of the grolm.[1] Refusing to go to the Portal Stone, Rand kills all five grolm chasing them. A bunch more grolm can be heard from every direction but the Portal Stone. Rand finally agrees that it is their only hope and they head for it. Rand thinks Selene must really be able to channel or she could never have come to this world.

They arrive at the Portal Stone. Selene claims she does not know how to use it, but points out a larger symbol, a triangle on its point inside a circle, that stands for the true world. Rand channels at it and they reappear in the real world. Selene is impressed that he brought all of them, including their horses, back without even knowing what he was doing. It is evening. Hurin fears that the trail is lost, but Selene explains that they are probably ahead of the Darkfriends. She continues to press him to find and keep the Horn and go for the glory. Rand tells Hurin to find a camp near where he lost the trail. At worst, they will be able to rejoin Ingtar and the others when they catch up. Hurin is glad to be back. The other world stank of evil.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Interesting question - Where did Lanfear obtain a horse used to grolm? From Seanchan (People)?
[#2] Given her true identity and past, it is curious that Selene apparently smells okay to Hurin.

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