ACoS: To Be Alone

Perrin POV#

Rand and Perrin have a fight about the treatment of the captured Aes Sedai.[1] A scattering of nobles including Dobraine witness the fight. Rand tells Perrin that he never wants to see him again and to get out of Cairhien. Perrin packs his bags and gets ready to leave. He runs into Loial and Karldin. They are going to visit the stedding[2] and Loial urges Perrin and Faile to join them. Perrin declines.

Perrin leaves the city and meets Faile, Aram, Bain, Chiad, Sulin and a dozen more Maidens.[3] Also Selande, Camaille, one other woman and three men are along. They are all part of Selande's "society".[4] Just a bit beyond are the Two Rivers men, another dozen Maidens, Gaul, Jur Grady, Fager Neald, six Wise Ones,[5] including Edarra and two Aes Sedai, Seonid Traighan, a Green Ajah sister, and Masuri Sokawa, a Brown Ajah sister. Grady or Neald creates a gateway for Traveling. Everyone goes through, with Dannil leading the Two Rivers men.[6] Two dozen Cairhienin and Tairens come through also.[7] Grady tells Perrin that he has a wife named Sora.

Some of the Asha'man have begun bonding their wives. An Asha'man named Canler figured out how and taught the others. Taim was angry about them figuring out things on their own. Seonid and Masuri come through with their three Warder.[8] Many carts and spare horses come through. Berelain then comes through with Nurelle, Bertain Gallenne and more than nine hundred Winged Guards.[9] Perrin tells everyone that they are now in Ghealdan and that they are there to 1) convince Queen Alliandre that they are not there to invade and 2) bring back Masema and his followers to Rand.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The fight is staged as an excuse to send Perrin to Ghealdan, but Rand gets so angry he nearly kills Perrin for real. (ACoS,Ch33)
[#2] Rand is sending them to talk to the Ogier about putting guards on all the Waygates. (LoC,Ch49) It is not clear why Rand prefers guards to anti-Shadowspawn wards like he wove at the Waygate in Shadar Logoth. (LoC,Ch21) On the other hand, we do not know his exact orders to Karldin.
[#3] Others of the Maidens are Briain and Elienda. (WH,Ch6) They also bring many gai'shain including Gharadin. (TPoD,Ch9)
[#4] Cha Faile. They also include Arrela, Lacile, Meralda, Parelean, (TPoD,Ch8) Medore Damara and Carlon. (WH,Ch6)
[#5] The six are Carelle, Delora, Edarra, Janina, Marline and Nevarin. (TPoD,Ch9)
[#6] There are about three hundred Two Rivers men. They include Ban al'Seen, Tell Lewin, (ACoS,Ch2) Jondyn Barran, Tod al'Caar, Kenly Maerin, (ACoS,Ch1) Rad al'Dai, (ACoS,Ch3) Flann Barstere, Jori Congar, Falton, Aemin, Jerasid (TPoD,Ch9) Hu Marwin, Get Ayliah (WH,Ch2) and Lem al'Dai. (WH,Ch6)
[#7] Lord Dobraine sends along three hundred of his people as well. (TPoD,Ch8)
[#8] Furen Alharra, Teryl Wynter and Rovair Kirklin. (TPoD,Ch9, TPoD,Ch10)
[#9] Annoura also accompanies Berelain. (TPoD,Ch7) She also brings two maids, Nana and Rosene, and her two thief-catchers, Gendar and Santes. (WH,Ch5) One of the Winged Guards is squadman Ortis. (TPoD,Ch10)

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