ACoS: Hill of the Golden Dawn

Perrin POV#

Rand, wearing a plain green coat, has the wagons searched thoroughly [1]. Kiruna and the other free Aes Sedai are riding in a wagon. The Wise Ones made them give up their horses. Rand and Min each got one.[2] Sorilea and Amys are with Rand. The rest of the Wise Ones guard the prisoner Aes Sedai. Flinn and Grady are two of the Dedicated with Rand. Dashiva is awkward but insolent. He does not know one end of a sword from the other.[3]

A gateway opens and Rand and company arrive some miles northeast of Cairhien. Dobraine leads the Cairhienin. Rad al'Dai and Tell Lewin carry Two Rivers banners. Perrin thinks about Rand intending both Cairhien and Andor thrones for Elayne. Most Two Rivers men are boys like Tod. The parade continues. Rhuarc leads the siswai'aman and Nurelle leads the Winged Guard. Nandera is with Rand. Dashiva talks to himself. Rand says he trusts Perrin, Min and Loial.

Narishma, an Asha'man soldier, spots a newcomer to the southwest. Sorilea and Amys call over a dozen Wise Ones. Edarra protests, but Wise Ones Sotarin and Cosain are sent to meet her, another Wise One Feraighin. They all come back and confer with the other Wise Ones. Nandera, Sulin, Rhuarc, Gaul, Loial, Aram and Rand join them. She is there because Bair and Megana set watches. She reports that Indirian, chief of Codarra, wants to attack the White Tower. Timolan, chief of Miagoma, thinks Rand betrayed them. Mandelain and Janwin are undecided. The main concern is that people will think Aes Sedai control Rand.

Kiruna, Bera, and Alanna try to listen in on the conversation. Colavaere has been crowned. She schemed for it ever since Galldrian Riatin died. Bain and Chiad are with Faile. Berelain is okay. Colavaere wants the Aiel to move south.[4] People are being killed by bubbles of evil. Three days ago Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin came near the city and declared Colavaere a usurper. Darlin Sisnera and other Tairens joined them yesterday, camped south of city. About ten Aes Sedai arrived, staying with Arilyn Dhulaine.[5] She calls Perrin Sei'cair.[6] Rand orders the Aes Sedai taken to the Aiel tents to demonstrate that they do not control him. Perrin is even more worried when he hears that Bain and Chiad are with the Maidens and no longer with Faile. Loial says he would worry about Erith, too. Rand gathers a group to head to Cairhien.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is not the coat he was wearing when he was kidnapped. He was probably searching for the missing little fat man angreal.
[#2] Rand gets Kiruna's Tai'daishar. Min gets Seiera. (ACoS,Ch34)
[#3] This much of the action is recounted as a flashback in the text.
[#4] Does she just want them gone or is there some reason she wants them to the south?
[#5] They must be Cadsuane and her coterie.
[#6] Sei'cair = Golden eyes in the Old Tongue.

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