ACoS: The Butcher's Yard

Perrin POV#

Returning to Dumai's Wells he thinks of the casualties: nineteen Two Rivers men, a hundred Mayeners, more Cairhienin, a thousand Aiel. Loial can barely stand being there, but Aram is grinning. Also killed were three Aes Sedai,[1] six Warder, lots of wolves, and lots and lots of Shaido. Lord Dobraine Taborwin heads the Cairhienin, Lord Lieutenant Havien Nurelle heads the Mayeners. Cairhienin officers have con with two white diamonds on a blue field. Mazrim Taim, and Min are with Rand who is wearing only a white shirt, no coat. Nandera and Sulin are leading the Maidens. Kiruna Nachiman, sister to King Paitar of Arafel, and Bera Harkin lead seven other sisters with Perrin including Verin Mathwin and Alanna Mosvani. Perrin does not know why she looks haggard.[2] Five of the nine are Green Ajah. Perrin does not trust any of them. Charl Gedwyn, cocky, full Asha'man. He heads about a dozen Asha'man keeping an eye on the sisters.

Rand is rechecking to make sure he did not miss any Maidens who were killed, Isan of the Jarra Chareen, Chuonde of the Spine Ridge Miagoma, Agirin of the Shelan Daryne, 151 total. Perrin chides Kiruna for entering the fight, she says they had to be in danger to help. Jondyn and Tod are still with Perrin. As Rand, Taim, and Min approach, Gedwyn shakes his head at Taim and Taim frowns.[3] Amys and Sorilea confer with the other Wise Ones. Nurelle is about the same age as Perrin. Dobraine is graying. All talking to Rand about who will hold the Aes Sedai prisoners.[1] Sorilea calls them da'tsang ("despised"). Rand gives them to the Wise Ones. Rhuarc returns from a night's scouting, says the Shaido are running east, some women with green coated men to the north. He and Gaul are the only Aiel men not wearing siswai'aman headbands. Rand is still angry that Galina escaped. When Rand expresses anger at and distrust of the Aes Sedai Taim smells amused.[4] Rand agrees to be healed and points behind him to Alanna. Taim smells puzzled.[4] Kiruna Healed Perrin yesterday.

As they begin to leave, Amys whispers something to Sorilea that really startles the Aes Sedai.[5] Rand tells Taim to "remember what I said about recruiting." to which Taim replies "I can hardly forget...I will handle that trip personally."[6] Taim convinces Rand to keep a Asha'man with him along with the four soldiers and four Dedicated.[7] Rand randomly chooses Corlan Dashiva from a Black Hills farm. This surprises both of Rand and Taim.[8] Taim wanted Torval or Rochaid.

Rand tells Taim to take the Asha'man back to the Black Tower and tells Perrin to get everyone else ready to leave. Taim calls for those two and Gedwyn and Kisman.[9] Two more of the Two Rivers folk, Dannil Lewin, Taraboner style moustache, and cousin Ban al'Seen beanpole, Domani style moustache. Perrin rejoins Rand and Min and warns Rand of all the bad feelings. Rand does not know about Perrin and the wolves. Min's viewing started at twelve; she did not know it was unique. Her aunts Rana, Miren, Jan made her stop telling. Min has a viewing:

  • "Taim has blood in his past and blood in his future, he's a dangerous man."

The Asha'man are gathering images like Aes Sedai, but they are blurry because they are holding the One Power. It is also true with Aes Sedai and worse when they channel. Something there was important, but she could not pick it out. Loial comes up and wants Rand's account for his notes. Dashiva moves funny and tilts his head. Rand asks if he can make a gateway and he says, "Of course." He calls Taim M'Hael ("leader" in Old Tongue). He explains it saying he read a great deal on the farm. They prepare to Travel back to Cairhien.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Irgain Fatamed, Ronaille and Sashalle were stilled and captured. Twenty others were captured including Coiren Saeldain, Sarene Nemdahl, Erian Boroleos, Nesune Bihara, Katerine Alruddin, Elza Penfell, Beldeine Nyram, Janine Pavlara, Turanna Norill and Marith Riven, Chisaine Nurbaya, Innina Darenhold and Vayelle Kamsa. Twelve escaped led by Covarla Baldene including Lusonia Cole, Vasha and her Warder Marlesh and Hattori and her Warder Sleete. Three were killed including Amira Moselle and Laigin Arnault. Galina was captured by the Shaido for a total of thirty-nine. Mayam is also in there somewhere, but her fate is not disclosed.
[#2] It is because of her bond to Rand.
[#3] What was Gedwyn denying to Taim? Perhaps Taim had set him to look for the missing little fat man angreal.
[#4] These responses are consistent with Taim = Demandred. It is a fair assumption that part of his orders was to drive a wedge between Rand and the Aes Sedai. Also, the Forsaken are puzzled by bonding.
[#5] This may be that the Aes Sedai are to become apprentice Wise Ones. (ACoS,Ch19)
[#6] This may be tied later to Taim's remark about "picking a blackberry bush". (TPoD,Ch14) He will be recruiting in the Two Rivers. (WH,Prologue)
[#7] The four Dedicated are Jur Grady, Damer Flinn, Eben Hopwil, and Fedwin Morr. The four soldiers are Jahar Narishma, Jonan Adley, Fager Neald and Karldin. (ACoS,Ch7, ACoS,Ch27) Donalo Sandomere is around at this time. (WH,Prologue)
[#8] Is this ta'veren effect?
[#9] These four are the traitors working for Taim. (TPoD,Ch29, WH,Ch16)

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