TPoD: To Keep the Bargain

Aviendha POV#

The wind passes Tremalking peopled by the peaceful Amayar who follow the Water Way. They have their own prophecy of the giant statue.[1] The wind passes over the Sea of Storms to Altara. Seafaring folk use the wind and currents to travel from World's End to Mayene and beyond. Aviendha is ready to leave the Ebou Dar palace. She worries about Olver but does not understand why. She thinks Mat will find him. She is with Elayne, Nynaeve, Birgitte and Lan. It is later the same day as ACoS,Ch39. She feels like she is being watched. Aviendha is almost twenty. They run into Teslyn Baradon. They warn her about Moghedien, the gholam, the Black Ajah and the coming storm. Teslyn does not believe them but she says that she and Joline will not interfere with their leaving.[2] It is the day after the Festival of Birds, the day of the Feast of Embers.[3] There will be fireworks by a refugee Illuminator.[4] There are traveling shows in the city as well.[5] They enter the palace stableyard where the twenty Sea Folk, five Aes Sedai, five Warder and eleven Kin are waiting. The Sea Folk are led by Renaile din Calon, Windfinder to the Mistress of the Ships. The five Aes Sedai are Merilille Ceandevin, Adeleas and Vandene Namelle, Sareitha Tomares and Careane. Merilille's maid, Pol, is also with them. Reanne Corly leads the ten other Kin survivors including Sumeko, Kirstian, Ieine, Dimana, Sibella, Tamarla and Chilares. Ispan is drugged, shielded and guarded. Aviendha opens a gateway. She has trouble and thinks it is as tenuous as a mirage in the Termool. Elayne taught her; she cannot remember how she did it before.[6] Lan, Birgitte and Cieryl Arjuna, one of Careane's Warder, go through first followed by the Aes Sedai, Elayne and Nynaeve. The four other Warder[7] will go through last. Aviendha feels watched again and spots a man[8] watching from the top of a spire. She tells a Windfinder[9] going through to warn Elayne and Nynaeve. The passage continues.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It will soon be fulfilled (WH,Ch35) and have a horrific consequence. (KoD,Ch22)
[#2] Joline will not interfere because Teslyn drugged her with forkroot. (WH,Ch19)
[#3] Early printings stated two days after. This is being corrected.
[#4] Evidently the same one who was looking for Mat in ACoS,Ch17. This must be Aludra. (WH,Ch15)
[#5] One of them is Valan Luca's circus. (WH,Ch15)
[#6] When she escapes from Rand in The Far Snows. (TFoH,Ch31) The difficulty of learning a new method for a weave is normal. It is known as the second-learned weave limitation (KoD,Ch23) and Cadsuane mentions it in TPoD,Ch12.
[#7] The four other Warder are Vandene's Jaem, Careane's Venr Kosaan and Tavan, and Sareitha's Ned Yarman.
[#8] The gholam.
[#9] Kurin (TPoD,Ch3)

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