KoD: To Make an Anchor Weep

Harine POV#

Harine and Shalon arrive in Tear and learn that the meeting of Wavemistresses is in Illian. When she sees Zaida's ship Blue Gull still in the river she thinks Zaida is still in Caemlyn.[1] They sail to Illian and find that Zaida Traveled directly there. Harine's Bargain with the Coramoor is judged deficient and she is harshly punished. Zaida's Bargain with Elayne is judged favorably and she is elected the new Mistress of the Ships but Harine still believes in Min's viewing that she will eventually win out.[2]

It is early morning. Harine and Shalon and their deckmistress Jadein take a boat to the Seanchan vessel in Illian harbor where the First Twelve of the Atha'an Miere meet. There are so many Sea Folk ships at Illian that most stay out of the harbor lest the Council of Nine and Steward for the Dragon Reborn[3] make trouble for them for blocking trade. A cold wind with a strange odor abruptly blows out of the north and ceases just a quickly.[4] They survived Shadar Logoth and Cadsuane so now they are ready for anything. The boat reaches the Seanchan ship and Harine and Shalon climb a rope ladder to board. They are formally greeted by Turane and Serile, the Sailmistress and Windfinder. Their original vessel sank during the battle at Ebou Dar. The other Wavemistresses and their Windfinders are already in the great cabin. Lincora, Wallein, Niolle, Lacine, and Pelanna are openly hostile. Only her old friend Mareil is welcoming. Caire is Windfinder to Pelanna and Tebreille is Windfinder to Mareil. All wear brocaded silks and mourning stoles. Caire and Tebreille are still worried over Talaan's apparent kidnapping. Zaida and Shielyn arrive. Zaida brought Amylia, a Brown Ajah Aes Sedai, with her from Caemlyn.[5] She came to study the Sea Folk but she has been beaten into submission and used as a teacher. The man they are awaiting has not yet arrived. He comes from the Coramoor. Zaida plans to send an ambassador back with him.

Turane enters and announces that the man has arrived. He enters and introduces himself as Logain. He Traveled from the docks to the quarterdeck. All the women are shocked, especially Amylia. He asks if she serves Elaida or Egwene but Zaida will not let her answer.[6] She says his is a false Dragon and tainted. Logain says the taint is now gone thanks to the Creator.[7] Zaida demands to know where the Coramoor is but Logain says it is secret; the Forsaken have tried to kill him. But he will accept Harine as ambassador. Harine is shocked and thinks Zaida will divorce her husband Amel before she would let Harine be ambassador again. Logain brings a demand from the Coramoor to send all their ships to Arad Doman with food supplies from Illian and Tear. Bandar Eban is starving.

Turane enters again and runs to Zaida with whispered news. Zaida is horrified. Turane brings in Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes, Sailmistress of the darter Wind Racer who relates the news. Almost three weeks ago[8] the Amayar on Tremalking began requesting passage to the other islands, even Aile Somera held by the Seanchan. The Great Hand melted[9] and the Amayar took this as a sign the Time of Illusions is ended. The entire race committed mass suicide. The Sea Folk feel responsible as the Amayar requested their protection after the Breaking. Zaida orders the fastest ships to the islands to try to save some but Logain countermands the order. The ships are committed to Bandar Eban. They can mourn on the march for Tarmon Gai'don.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Harine took Zaida to Aringill on the White Spray, dropped her off then proceeded up river to Cairhien. (LoC,Ch5)
[#2] This portion of the chronology is presented as flashback.
[#3] Gregorin Panar den Lushenos
[#4] This seems like the same wind originating from Dragonmount as in KoD,Ch1 and KoD,Ch4 but the timing is several days off.
[#5] She must have been one of the Aes Sedai at The Silver Swan.
[#6] So Jordan keeps us in the dark on the purpose of the Aes Sedai at The Silver Swan.
[#7] He is still skeptical that Rand cleansed the taint.
[#8] This puts the timing at 28 or 29 days after the cleansing, WH,Ch35.
[#9] So the whole female Choedan Kal melted as well as the access key.

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