WH: In Need of a Bellfounder

Mat POV#

Mat is in Aludra's wagon in Valan Luca's circus trying to convince her to tell him about her fireworks. He tells her that the Illuminator's Guild House in Tanchico was destroyed by the Seanchan and all the Illuminators made da'covale. She finally says that she will tell him all her secrets if he can figure out why she is interested in a bellfounder.[1] As Mat leaves, Aludra comments on his clothes. Tylin got rid of his old clothes while he was in bed with a broken leg and ribs. All he has left of his own are the black scarf around his neck, his hat and the foxhead medallion.

Luca's circus is now huge and he has lots of horses. They are courtesy of High Lady Suroth for giving shelter to a Seanchan animal trainer.[2] Pips is in the Tarasin Palace stable but there is no way for Mat to get him out. He thinks Vanin might be able to steal some horses if he cannot talk Luca into helping. Mat thinks of Rand and Perrin and there is a rush of colors in his head.[3]

Mat sees Thom and Beslan talking with Luca. He does not approach right away, as he and Luca do not like each other. Luca flirts with every woman he sees even though he is married.[4] Olver is at a nearby wagon making time with five women, Merici, Neilyn, Gillin, Adria and Jameine. Mat drags him away. As Mat approaches, Luca scowls and leaves. Thom tells him that Luca will let them accompany him when he leaves, but that will not be until spring. They head back to the palace. Olver looks forward to his lesson with the buxom Riselle. The dice start tumbling in Mat's head again.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A bellfounder could probably also make a simple cannon.
[#2] Cerandin
[#3] Rand and Perrin are experiencing the same phenomenon.
[#4] Valan Luca married Latelle. (CoT,Ch2) We do not have any specifics on when the happy event occurred.

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