TFoH: The Far Snows

Rand POV#

Rand walks back to his rooms. Eianrod was already abandoned when Couladin and the Shaido came through. Back in his room he finds Aviendha standing there naked. She was not expecting him for some time. In a panic, she opens a gateway and Travels[1] to the opposite side of the world into a snowstorm.[2] Rand blocks the gateway open and follows.[3] He finds her in a frozen creek and uses the One Power to build an igloo around them. He warms the interior with Air and Fire and then warms her up with body heat. He is a little too successful; she wakes and they make love.[4] Aviendha says that the rings do not lie.[5] Later, Aviendha astounds Rand telling him that he still belongs to Elayne. Rand recalls what happened when Nynaeve caught Kimry Lewin and Bar Dowtry in his father's barn. After Nynaeve was done with them, Mistress Lewin took over. He suspects that life with Aviendha has not gotten any easier.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] She blocks this weave from her mind. Even with Elayne's instruction she will only be able to do a poor job of Traveling. (TPoD,Ch1) This is a consequence of the second-learned weave limitation. (TPoD,Ch12, KoD,Ch23)
[#2] It is the land of Seanchan and, given the snow, the southern hemisphere.
[#3] Rand did this before at Rhuidean. (TSR,Ch58) Asmodean later comments on the extreme difficulty of blocking someone else's gateway. (TFoH,Ch32)
[#4] Is Aviendha now pregnant? No. Otherwise, she could not have participated in the ceremony in WH,Prologue and she would be several months along by TGS,Ch26.
[#5] Aviendha learned from the three rings in Rhuidean that this was inevitable. (TSR,Ch34)

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