WH: Out of Thin Air

Rand POV#

In Far Madding, Rand follows Manel Rochaid from the Amhara Market. There is a statue of Savion Amhara in the square. She points toward the Tear Gate. Raolin Darksbane was from Far Madding when it was called Aren Mador. Yurian Stonebow was from Far Madding when it was called Fel Moreina. Lews Therin wildly tells Rand that he is a fool to come to Far Madding. Rand can feel Min more strongly than Elayne, Aviendha or Alanna. Rand left clues pointing to Far Madding in the Stone of Tear, the Aesdaishar Palace in Chachin and other places. Rand knows that Torval, Dashiva, Gedwyn and Kisman will also come. Rochaid has been in Far Madding for two days. Rand follows Rochaid toward the Hall of the Counsels.

A wave of dizziness hits Rand and he sees a murky face.[1] He stumbles against an Aielman. Lews Therin whispers that Rand already destroyed them. "How many will we three kill before the end, I wonder."[1] Rand follows Rochaid into an alley. Rochaid is waiting and tries to attack, but Rand breaks his windpipe. Raefar Kisman is also there and tries to attack, but Rand ducks and he winds up killing Rochaid. They hear guards coming and Kisman runs. Rand runs the other way. He is sure the Counsels will not harm the Dragon Reborn, but they have accepted Elaida's decree and would turn him over to the White Tower.

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Raefar Kisman POV#

Kisman is furious with Rochaid. They were supposed to wait until everyone arrived, but he wanted to glory of killing Rand. Kisman wants power rather than glory. The M'Hael ordered them to kill Rand in Cairhien and was furious when they failed and were found out. He made it clear that Far Madding is their last chance. Dashiva vanished. Demandred later ordered them to kill Rand and not let even the M'Hael know of it. Still later, Moridin said to kill Rand if they must, but mainly to bring Rand's possessions to him.[2] They are the only two Forsaken that Kisman has met. Suddenly, Kisman feels a slash on his arm.[3] The wound quickly festers and his hand turns black. Kisman tries to run, but it is too late.

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Rand POV#

Rand returns to his inn, The Crown of Maredo. Lan is in the common room. Min, Nynaeve and Alivia are in the Women's Room with the innkeeper, Mistress Nalhera. Rand is still not sure about Alivia. Nynaeve wears her ki'sain and an inordinate amount of jewelry, a slim golden belt, a long necklace, numerous bracelets set with sapphires and green stones and a ring on every finger of her right hand.[4] She wears the bracelet and rings as well. Rand tells Lan what happened. He goes to pack. Rand goes to his room where Min, Nynaeve and Alivia join him. He tells them what happened, then Nynaeve and Alivia leave to pack. Alivia sternly tells Rand that he must let them help him before she leaves. Rand asks Min if she had any viewings of Alivia. Min says, "All the time, but not the kind you mean, nothing I understand." Min still has all her books and spends lots of time reading. Min agrees that they can help somehow. Rand realizes that he can now draw very good pictures of the other four men, a talent from Lews Therin.

Isam/Luc POV#

Isam is in Tel'aran'rhiod in the bedroom of an inn. He steps into the real world and becomes Luc. He recalls other assassinations including the two Aes Sedai in the Stone of Tear[5] and a Gray Man in the White Tower.[6] He stabs the two figures in the bed with poisoned daggers, then checks their identities. The man is bald and the woman is gray. He returns to Tel'aran'rhiod where his patron is waiting. Luc can only tell that he is a man. He is disguised so that Luc cannot see his face or remember his voice.[7] Luc thinks he must be one of the Chosen as few others know how to find him and none of those who are men can channel. Only the Great Lord and the Chosen can command him. The man tells Luc to wait for further instructions before trying again, then he Travels to a snowy forest glade. Luc is a bit disappointed, as he really wanted to kill his nephew. He becomes Isam again and goes hunting for wolves.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The murky face and Lews Therin's third is Moridin. (KoD,Ch18) Lews Therin also refers to the "other one" as a destroyer in WH,Prologue.
[#2] Moridin wants the access keys to prevent Rand from using the Choedan Kal to cleanse saidin.
[#3] Padan Fain cut him with the ruby dagger.
[#4] The Jewelry Set.
[#5] Amico and Joiya. (TSR,Ch12)
[#6] This must be the Gray Man who fired a crossbow bolt at Egwene. (TDR,Ch15)
[#7] Who is Slayer's employer? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.4.04. Moridin thinks he is still on assignment to kill Padan Fain. (WH,Ch13)

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