TSR: Tanchico or the Tower

Elayne POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve are relieved when Egwene finally wakes. They have been trying to wake her for minutes. Egwene tells them she found nothing in Tanchico, but that she met a Wise One named Amys who told her to go to Cold Rocks Hold. Aviendha tells them that Cold Rocks Hold is Rhuarc's hold and that Amys is his wife. Lian, Rhuarc's other wife, is Aviendha's sister-mother (maternal aunt). The idea of a man having two wives is disconcerting to the other three, so Aviendha attempts to explain some aspects of Aiel culture. Elayne wonders if Min had a viewing about Rand and fervently hopes it did not include Berelain. Egwene tells them about Amys saying there was evil in Tanchico and that could mean the Black Ajah. They decide that Elayne and Nynaeve will go to Tanchico while Egwene goes to Cold Rocks Hold to learn dreamwalking. She asks Aviendha to take her, but Aviendha is reluctant saying she wants to go to Tanchico. One of the other Maidens, Jolien, Sefela, Bain or Chiad can take her. Moiraine enters and tells them that Joiya and Amico are dead. Their throats were messily cut and their tongues nailed to the door. The guards heard nothing. Moiraine does not think even a Gray Man could have done that.[1] The girls tell Moiraine their plans. Moiraine tells them of the letter she just received from Amys of the Nine Valleys Taardad, Bair of the Haido Shaarad, Melaine of the Jhirad Goshien and Seana of the Black Cliffs Nakai. Aviendha says they are Wise Ones and dreamwalkers. The letter orders Aviendha to go to Chaendaer near Rhuidean.[2] As the letter requests, Moiraine informed Rhuarc of the order as well. Elayne thinks Rhuarc reminds her of Gareth Bryne and even her mother, Morgase, cannot dissuade him when he makes up his mind. Aviendha angrily says she is Far Dareis Mai and leaves. Moiraine tells Egwene she can go with Aviendha to meet Amys there. Nynaeve says she will consult with Lan about what they will need for the journey. Moiraine tells Elayne and Nynaeve that there is an Sea Folk raker[3] docked at the Maule. She tells them that Rand will announce his plans in the morning.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Slayer killed them. (WH,Ch22)
[#2] Although Moiraine does not disclose it at this point, the letter says the Wise Ones will meet Moiraine at Chaendaer as well. (TSR,Ch23)
[#3] The Wavedancer.

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