TSR: Rumors

Mat POV#

Mat is alone in an inn in the Maule reflecting on the attack earlier that night. A Gray Man tried to kill him and a Fade confronted him saying, "Time to die, Hornsounder."[1] A band of Trollocs attacked it and killed it. He overhears a conversation about how Rand is not as good a Dragon as Logain who had whole countries at war or the fellow in Saldaea who stopped the sun while he defeated Lord Bashere. He is still thinking about the twisted red doorway. Then he overhears someone mention the Two Rivers. He goes to that table and a Kandori merchant named Paetram tells him the Whitecloaks entered the Two Rivers to hunt the Dragon Reborn and a Darkfriend with yellow eyes.

Mat goes back to the Stone of Tear to tell Perrin. Perrin is already packing as he heard the rumor, too. Perrin told Rand who replied, "He said he'd do it."[2] Perrin asks if Mat is coming with him. Mat wants to go, but cannot even say the word. Perrin tells him it is the ta'veren effect even if he will not admit it. Mat is worried about his family even though everyone likes his father, Abell Cauthon. Perrin says the Whitecloaks know his name. He has to go to protect his family. Mat asks Perrin to tell his family that he is all right, then leaves. Mat worries about his sisters, Bodewhin and Eldrin, as well. As he walks down the hall he passes Berelain and greets her but she ignores him. He makes an angry remark and she just stares at him, then goes on. He then considers visiting a cook's helper named Dara. He suddenly realizes that he has already fallen back into his daily routine and angrily wishes he knew what to do.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] How did the Shadow learn that Mat sounded the Horn of Valere? As far as we know, the only people who know are Rand, Perrin, Faile, Hurin, Verin, Moiraine, Lan, Siuan, Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, Loial and Rhuarc. Possibly some Darkfriend or Forsaken who happened to be lurking nearby? A very remote possibility is that one of the Heroes of the Horn turned to the Shadow.
[#2] Fain

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