TGS: A Tale of Blood

Rand POV#

Rand crosses the green in front of the manor[1] where Bashere's men have made camp. He is accompanied by Elza Penfell and Corele Hovian. He trusts Corele more than most because she, Damer Flinn and Samitsu saved his life from Fain's ruby dagger. That wound overlays Ishamael's. Rand believes one of those wounds will spill his blood at Shayol Ghul. He sees a vision of Mat tossing dice before some watching soldiers near a large road outside a city. The small, dark-skinned woman is gone.[2]

A gateway opens in the Traveling Ground. An Asha'man soldier has a message from Darlin that his army is ready in Tear. Harine and several other Sea Folk come through the gateway. Logain mentioned that the Sea Folk were hesitant to return her to Rand. Rand complains that the ships are taking too long to arrive but Harine replies that the Seanchan caused the delays.

Rand asks her what the Sea Folk do to men who can channel. They make a Bargain that if she answers, he will answer a question of hers.[3] Harine says they are killed or left stranded on a small isle. Rand tells her that this must stop as saidin is now clean, but Harine remains skeptical. Rand thinks there might be another Jorlen Corbesan among those men. He was brilliant and ran the Sharom research facility in the Age of Legends, another memory from Lews Therin.

Rand thinks Lews Therin will be able to help him figure out how to reseal the Bore. Flinn comes through the gateway. He apologizes that he is not as good at gateways as Androl. Rand asks Elza what she believes about the taint but she also hedges. Corele says that she can feel through Damer that it is clean. Elza points out that during the Time of Madness it took decades for people to be convinced that all male channelers would go mad. It will take long for people to really believe that that has now changed. Rand thinks that he is bound by the Pattern and has no choices. He wonders if he will leave anything behind but war and devastation. Last time his madness and grief at Ilyena consumed him. He thinks of Moiraine telling him that we all do as we must. A guard brings news that there are Aiel near the camp. Rand sends orders to Bashere that they will be meeting with Bael and Rhuarc to secure Arad Doman.

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Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane, Merise and Narishma question Semirhage in a small room. Erian, Sarene and Nesune are outside the room holding her shield. Cadsuane is furious that Rand will only allow questioning and not torture. Merise asks about Graendal's plans. Semirhage intimidates Merise with a bloody tale so that she loses control of the session. Cadsuane stops the questioning, blocking Semirhage's ears with Air and her eyes with Fire and Air. Over two centuries ago Cadsuane swore she would live to see the Last Battle. Cadsuane wishes she had forkroot to be doubly safe with Semirhage. Merise composes herself and the questioning resumes, asking about Graendal and her whereabouts. Cadsuane believes that Rand is destined to destroy the world. He may save it as well.[4] Cadsuane thinks on how to break Semirhage. Corele arrives with news that Rand is meeting with the clan chiefs and the questioning session ends.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Lord Tallaen's manor house
[#2] That would be Tuon, placing the timing as well past Mat's battle with Elbar's Seanchan force. It seems likely that this vision is from outside Caemlyn. (TGS,Ch36)
[#3] We never hear Harine's question and answer.
[#4] An interesting take on the prophecies, that Rand will definitely break the world again but will not necessarily save it.

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