TGS: When Iron Melts

Rodel Ituralde POV#

It is evening after the battle at Darluna.[1] The battle is over and he was victorious, but half of his 100,000 soldiers are dead. The Seanchan were crushed against the walls of Darluna. They had three times as many soldiers, plus damane. Ituralde finds General Turan near death. Both their blades are heron-mark. Turan is impressed with Ituralde, but tells him that Suroth cannot accept this failure. Ituralde's tricks will not work a second time. Ituralde understands that he will eventually lose, but he fights because he must. He cannot abandon his homeland even though defeat is certain. Perhaps memory of his fight will spark rebellion in a hundred years. Turan asks for a quick death and Ituralde beheads him.

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Leane Sharif POV#

Egwene speaks with Leane in her cell. Leane truly believes that she is the Amyrlin now. Two Yellow sisters, Musarin and Gelarna stand guard. As Egwene starts to leave, the iron bars and stone floor of the cell turn as soft as wax and Leane begins to sink. Egwene screams for help and the two sisters recover from their shock enough to pull her free with Air. Egwene says that the Dark One is getting stronger and asks the sisters what Elaida is doing about it? Egwene tells Leane to stay strong and leaves.

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Egwene POV#

As Egwene walks back to the novice quarters, she unexpectedly runs into two Brown sisters, Maenadrin and Negaine. Getting her bearings, she realizes that sections of the Brown Ajah quarters and novice quarters have switched places. The Dark One's touch is becoming worse. Egwene tiredly trudges off to bed.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Making this the same day as the fifth scene in TGS,Prologue.

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