TGH: Glimmers of the Pattern

Rand POV#

That evening Ingtar calls an early halt. Uno insists to Ragan that he saw the woman again. Ingtar comes over to Rand with two messages. He was told to deliver them south of the River Erinin River. Moiraine gave Ingtar a package to give to Rand. Agelmar told him that Rand is second in command. All the Shienaran soldiers already know. Rand opens the package; it is the Dragon Banner. Mat and Perrin see it and learn that he is the Dragon Reborn. Mat is upset. Perrin is stoic. Rand gets Red and beds down near Hurin and Loial, as far from Mat and Perrin and the others as possible, by a large stone. Loial notes that the stone appears to have been worked and has vaguely familiar carvings on it.[1] Rand puts the re-wrapped Dragon Banner in his saddlebag and they all go to sleep.

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Padan Fain POV#

Fain stares northward.[2] He thinks about what Ba'alzamon and Shadar Logoth did to him. He has the ruby dagger. He has twelve Darkfriends and twenty Trollocs. At first, he fought for control with the Fade who wanted to go north to Shayol Ghul. At the last village he killed the Fade and let the Trollocs take the villagers. The first village by the River Erinin River was already deserted. Fain lets the Trollocs slaughter the villagers. He has the golden case containing the Horn, but he has not figured out how to open it. Fain usually feels Rand, but sometimes he "vanishes." He did it in Fal Dara.[3] Fain laughs that he will meet Rand on Toman Head and see him dead at last.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] By chance, a Portal Stone.
[#2] Rand's direction.
[#3] When Rand is holding the void?
[#4] Cairhien is his first destination because the Waygate there is his fastest route to Toman Head. (Tor Q&A)

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