TGH: Cairhien

Rand POV#

Rand, Hurin and Loial ride toward Cairhien accompanied by Elricain Tavolin and fifty Cairhienin soliders. Rand rides Red. They crossed the Gaelin River and can see the city lying against the Alguenya River. They ride through the Foregate where there is a festival. The Cairhienin often have fireworks because there is an Illuminator chapter house in the city. Loial says Elder Haman thinks Galldrian is a disgrace. At the city gate, an officer, Asan Sandair, takes their names. Rand asks him if he knows Selene causing further suspicion. Hurin takes Rand and Loial to the Defender of the Dragonwall where the innkeeper, Cuale, greets them. They get rooms on the third floor. Rand hopes that Ingtar will arrive soon. Loial stays to guard the Horn while Rand and Hurin go downstairs. Cuale presents Rand with three invitations that already arrived. Rand angrily burns them. Hurin warns him that he has made enemies of three minor Houses.[1]

Rand goes out and soon runs into Thom. His audiences only want The Great Hunt of the Horn, not the Karaethon Cycle despite the news from Haddon Mirk and Saldaea.[2] Thom says the Fade just injured him then ran after Rand and Mat. Thom seems disappointed that Moiraine is not with Rand[3] and assumes that this means Mat or Perrin was her target. Thom did not go to Illian because of the turmoil at Whitebridge and because Domon and the Spray had already sailed. Thom tells Rand to bring his flute and harp to The Bunch of Grapes, outside the Jangai Gates in the east wall.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] These three Houses are never identified, but this could be the start of some of the enmity between some nobles and Rand.
[#2] News about the false Dragons, Mazrim Taim in Saldaea.
[#3] Another indication of possible affection between Thom and Moiraine.

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