TGH: The Grave Is No Bar to My Call

Rand POV#

Rand does not tell Mat, Perrin or Hurin about Ingtar. They hear him shout as he defends their escape. Rand feels an irresistible urge to go back for Egwene, but they see an army of Seanchan come out of Falme. They have all sorts of exotic animals with them.[1] In front of them are hundreds of Whitecloaks. They are trapped. Mat blows the Horn of Valere and a fog begins to rise.

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Geofram Bornhald POV#

Geofram Bornhald hears the Horn of Valere. A fog rises and the ground explodes around him. He orders the Whitecloaks to charge.

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Rand POV#

It now seems like they are floating above Falme. Rand can see the Seanchan and Whitecloaks battling. He can even see Bayle Domon on the Spray out in the harbor. The Heroes of the Horn ride up and Rand recognizes them. He also recalls older names for them. They include Rogosh Eagle-eye, Gaidal Cain, Birgitte, Mikel of the Pure Heart (Michael), Paedrig the peacemaker (Patrick) and Otarin (Oscar). Artur Hawkwing, with his sword Justice, leads them and calls Rand Lews Therin. He says he has both faced him and fought beside him. He says they come to the Horn, but they must follow the Dragon Banner.[2] Perrin carries the Dragon Banner. Hurin insists on staying and Artur Hawkwing says he may one day join them. Rand seems to float away from them, then he sees Ba'alzamon with a black staff. He is thrown from Red and Red disappears. Ba'alzamon is surrounded by shadow. He knows Rand wants the girl and tells him she will be taken to Seanchan.[3] He thinks Rand blew the Horn.[4] The damane do not affect the Heroes of the Horn.[5] Ba'alzamon again offers to teach Rand. Rand recalls Lan and Ingtar telling about Sheathing the Sword. He assumes Heron Wading in the Rushes. Ba'alzamon stabs him in the side with the staff. He stabs Ba'alzamon in the heart.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] By description they include grolm, corlm, raken, torm and s'redit.
[#2] The rules governing the Heroes of the Horn are not at all clear, particularly what would happen if a bad guy blew the Horn.
[#3] Confirming his role in the abduction of the girls.
[#4] So Ishamael truly is fallible. At this point, only the boys and Hurin know who really blew the Horn. By the beginning of The Shadow Rising, however, the Shadow has learned that it was Mat. (TSR,Ch10) When or how the Shadow got this information is unclear.
[#5] Birgitte confirms that the One Power cannot affect the Heroes of the Horn when they are called forth. (TSR,Ch52)
[#6] The Seanchan army is defeated and driven back to the ocean. Lady Morsa is one of the Seanchan nobles who witnesses the defeat. (TFoH,Ch32)


The Grave Is No Bar to My Call - by Chi Cheung

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