Thu, July 21, 2022, the day before Comic-Con 2022, was big. There were these announcements:

  1. Behind the Scenes (BTS) video of Season 2
  2. Rafe answering (some) WoT Season 2 questions
  3. Season 3 is green-lit
  4. New episodes of The Wheel of Time Origins coming in August

Still no release date for Season 2, though.

We're going to take a look at the first two and also how they affect my (Gary) Season 2 Predictions. Note that my predictions are still a work in progress.

Also, I might try to make all of this into a video.

WARNING: Spoilers From The Books Through The Shadow Rising

Behind the Scenes (BTS) video of Season 2#

It all comes down to taking a look at the 35 stills that you can grab from the 1:06 minute video. We're going to reference other research into the BTS video, because why do all the hard work myself? Other resources include:

Screenshot 1 - Three Aiel#

Lots of people seem to think this is Ayoola Smart playing Aviendha. There's a lot of speculation that the other two are also Maidens and possibly even Bain and Chiad.

I've already stated in my predictions that I thought Aviendha would be in Season 2. However, I was more leaning towards her meeting Nynaeve and Egwene (like in TDR,Ch38) on their way to Tar Valon rather that meeting Perrin (like Gaul did in TDR,Ch34). But a recent reminder of a rehearsal script leak has me rethinking that it might be the latter.

Any way she could do both meets? I could see how Perrin frees her and she eventually goes on her way and later meets Nynaeve and Egwene. But maybe not if she owes him a debt and if the rescue was filmed in Dakhla, which a peninsula city on the coast of Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara and therefore maybe Falme. I think Our Heroes won't be in Falme until Episode 207 at the earliest. Could she have met Perrin before they went through a Waygate to Falme and followed them?

Screenshot 2 - Moiraine and Lan#

Um, they're in Falme? Not much about plots here. We did see Moiraine show up in Falme in the books after the battle. Maybe she and Lan get there earlier this time? But if they did, how would that affect the battle? I'm predicting that Moiraine is going to stay in Tifans Well until her shield is broken and Tifans Well is inland.

PS I love trebuchets. Much better than catapults.

Screenshot 3 - Whitecloaks on Horseback#

I haven't explicitly put it in my predictions yet, but I'm assuming that since we're having the battle at Falme that the Whitecloaks will be there. So seeing them in a shot is not surprising.

Screenshot 4 - Camels#

I'm assuming that the Seanchan brought camels with them. After all, they also have s'redits.

Screenshot 5 - Wheel#

I've studied Elizabethan military and Elizabethan life, and I'm just really hoping that's not a breaking wheel because those things were nasty.

Screenshot 6 - Veiled Whitecloak#

That's a Whitecloak dressed for battle. Apparently at Falme. Too young looking to be Geofram Bornhald, so I'm thinking maybe his son Dain Bornhald.

Screenshot 7 - Hunters of the Horn#

This image has nine people in it. I predicted that the following are the Hunters of the Horn, and I'm going to add Elyas and Hopper. Who are the others? Red shirt Shienarans? I don't see Loial or Mat in this shot.

  1. Perrin
  2. Loial - not shown
  3. Uno
  4. Ingtar
  5. Masema
  6. Mat - not shown
  7. Elyas (and Hopper) - added
  8. ?
  9. ?

Nae'blis has a theory that this might be at Barthanes manor. I kind of like that theory. There's also a lot of people noticing that Perrin is carrying a sword instead of an axe.

Screenshot 8 - Jungle Waygate#

Obviously a Waygate in a jungle or oasis. But where's that jungle? I don't know.

Wot Up! says that this was filmed with a bunch of Whitecloaks on the same set.

Screenshot 9 - Fort Falme#

In the second shot, who is that standing in the middle of the circle of men? I think that might be Turak. I'm betting this is Falme and the Seanchan have taken it over.

Screenshot 10 - Explosion#

That one poor guy was just enjoying his beer. It makes me think this is not a battle scene. I've heard some people say that Aludra may show up, so maybe it's an accidental fireworks explosion?

Screenshot 11 - Rand with Torch#

The Dusty Wheel cleaned up the shot a bit and it really looks like Lan and Moiraine behind him. People have noticed that this is not Rand's usual sweater. Maybe at this point Moiraine has already taken his casual wear and switched it out with better clothes?

Screenshot 12 - Moiraine and Lan#

This isn't that much different than the first shot of the two of them.

Screenshot 13 - Min#

The general consensus is that this is Min. The secondary topic is what's with the shaved hair? Her own fashion, or a Seanchan one?

Screenshot 14 - Rand Walking Through Village#

Several people are saying that this is the Foregate part of Cairhien. Looks about right.

Screenshot 15 - Long, Blonde Hair Person#

See the "Who Is This" subsection in the "Q & A with Rafe" section below.

Screenshot 16 - Padan Fain#

Well, we all knew that Fain would be in season 2. Here he is walking through some unknown castle or manor.

Screenshot 17 - Dark-Cloaked Figure#

A Fade?

Screenshot 18 - Falme?#

The Dusty Wheel seems to think that the four people atop the structure could be two suldam and two damane and this is blocking for a scene.

Screenshot 19 - All vs Seanchan?#

The Dusty Wheel says that Loial is the one in the back left. There was some speculation that the center person was Gawyn, but that was dismissed, and the next guess is that it might be a Hero of the Horn due to the style of his clothing. They guess that the person behind him could be Geofram Bornhald.

Screenshot 20 - Novice Egwene#

I have predicted that Nynaeve and Egwene will return to the White Tower for their training and I don't think this is a huge guess. Seems pretty straightforward. Here we see Egwene as a Novice.

Screenshot 21 - Quarterstaves#

I think this is just Hammar, Galad and Gawyn practicing at the Tower. I'm betting that Mat might be just off-screen.

Screenshot 22 - Explosion#

Since there's no one in armor around, I'm guessing this is also related to fireworks like the previous scene was.

Screenshot 23 - Whitecloak vs Aiel#

I've read from several people that they think this is Aviendha versus a Whitecloak. Nae'blis and Unraveling the Pattern noted that there's a cage in the background which might imply this is where she's in the cage instead of Gaul and Perrin frees her. I will say this matches the leaked audition tape of Aviendha and Perrin.

In the books, Aviendha meets Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve in TDR,Ch38. I predicted that would happen in season 2, but I had forgotten the leaked audition tape. Perrin finds Gaul in TDR,Ch33. I think there's a chance that Aviendha could take Gaul's place in the cage and still have both encounters happen. Edit: Maybe not. See discussion in Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 24 - Nailed It!#

Fade nailed to a door is confirmed! (TGH,Ch11) People are now calling this the "Doordraal".

I see five Shienarans, Perrin and one other person who might be Elyas Machera. I'm betting that the Shienarans include Masema, Ingtar and Uno.The other two might be red shirts? Again, I don't see anyone here who looks like Mat or Loial.

Screenshot 25 - Pensive Rand#

This doesn't tell us much. It's Rand, looking pensive, with some blood on him. The Dusty Wheel - Season 2 Theories noted that he's wearing different clothes.

Screenshot 26 - Lan Forms#

I'm assuming this is just Lan practicing his sword forms. I think that maybe Rand is just off-screen and this is part of teaching Rand how to use his sword.

Wot Up! thinks that Moiraine and Lan will meet up with Verin and not the Namelle sisters and that Tomas is just offscreen here. I respectfully disagree. I'm sticking with the Namelle sisters at Tifans Well and Lan going off to find Rand.

Screenshot 27 - Rider#

I don't have a guess as to who this is.

Screenshot 28 - Padan Fain#

I don't think that this tell us much, plot-wise, except as confirmation that Fain is in Season 2. But we have that already with the "Doordraal" scene (Screenshot 24).

Screenshot 29 - War Map#

This appears to be a war map of Falme.

Screenshot 30 - Night Battle#

Obviously part of a nighttime battle.

Screenshot 31 - Night Battle#

Obviously part of a nighttime battle. The only thing remarkable is the large figure dragging two others around. Some are saying that this might be a Gardener.

Screenshot 32 - Golden Veil#

Geeky Eri says this is Karima McAdams. The next question is which character is this? Suroth? Semirhage? Lanfear?

Screenshot 33 - Fade vs Rider?#

Looks like a Fade and someone falling off of a horse. Same Fade as the previous shot? I have no guesses who is falling off the horse. Some are saying that this might be Moiraine falling off of Aldieb.

Screenshot 34 - Blurry attacker#

That's just too blurry to work with.

Q & A with Rafe#

It started with this:

Chilling with a gin and tonic at SDCC before dinner, anyone got WoT Season Two questions?

And of course he was deluged with questions. Here's the ones that I felt went to the plot lines of season 2.


Q: Blink twice if we see more than one Forsaken! A:blink blink

I didn't have any Forsaken in my predictions, but it's nice to know that there will be more than one. Maybe I'll add something for Lanfear and Rand and maybe Semirhage with the Seanchan, which is who we might be seeing in screenshot 32.

Quarterstaff Fight#

Q: I have to ask. Gawyn (and I guess the lesser brother Galad) actually beat Mat in the warder training yard in the show right? Theres no way they lose on screen is there? A: This is an iconic scene from the book and we are building to a believable version of it in the show.  Hopefully.  Ha.

Confirmation that the quarterstaff fight is in season 2. I had that in there already, so no changes to the predictions.

Moiraine and Lan#

Q: What is the journey like for Moiraine and Lan in season 2 with their bond still masked

I already had used some interview quotes that point to this to predict Moiraine and Lan's part in season 2. No changes to the predictions.



We already had Elyas confirmed, so I'm guessing Hopper will be right there with him.

Darkfriend Social#

Q: Is the Darkfriend Social gonna be in the show? A: Yep

Excellent! And since that is TGH,Prologue, I'm going to predict that it's the cold open for Episode 201. The prologue for the 2nd book and the opening for the 2nd season.

Time Gap#

Q: ...will the next seasons keep them on parallel timelines for a convergence at Falme...? A: ...but we try to do as much as we can to avoid one hour cross continent dragon flights

I still think they're going to need a "One Month Later..." one time in the early part of season 2. Rand needs to be trained with the sword and Egwene needs time to learn in the White Tower plus some time with the Seanchan before she's rescued.

Egwene & Renna#

Q: favorite Season 2 two person scene with only the character names and no more A: Egwene Renna

I predicted this plot line would be in this series. No changes to the predictions.


Q: which character had his plot changed the most compared to the books? A: Mat.  But we try to bring the characters back to where they should be by the end of S2.

I predict Mat will rejoin the Hunters of the Horn, but I'm not completely sure how. So I predict that he will be at Falme and blow the Horn of Valere.

Expanding the Forsaken#

Q: Can you tell us how much you will be expanding on the forsaken in this season? A: It’s a big point of difference from the books in S2.  We will spend more time with any Forsaken who’s in the show, more how the later books treat the Forsaken than necessarily Books 2 or 3 did

I think this is going to be a dark season.

Moiraine's Journey#

Q: Any hints on Moiraine’s journey in season 2? A: It’s much expanded from her Book 2 story. But built out of the core of that and of a couple relationships that were not explored in the books

There's already interviews where Rafe goes into more details, and I've included them in with my predictions.

I wonder if the relationships include 1) Adeleas and Vandene and 2) Barthanes?

Loial and Stedding#

Q: Why did you guys decide not to make the dagger instant death like the books? How did Loial survive being stabbed by *the* dagger? A: That’s a story best told in a stedding

This makes me think we may see a stedding.

Uno is Alive#

Q: Pretty sure I saw Uno in the behind the scenes - interested in how that is possible after last season... A: He’s breathing.  Watch close

I assumed that. No changes to the predictions.

Which Books?#

Q: Which books make it into season 2? A: Pieces of 1,2 and 3.

Well, the end of the second book is the battle at Falme, but the end of the third book is TDR,Ch56 and Rand is carrying Callandor. Rafe also said that the final scene of the season is the one he liked the most. I was betting that Tear was not in season 2 and that Callandor and the Stone of Tear would not be moved to Falme. Do I need to change my mind?



If this means only two of the cities, then I choose Cairhien and Falme. It could also mean all three. It could also mean more than three, I guess. How much budget did they have?

Who is this?#

Maiden of the Spear asked this question on 1:54am, Jul 22.

Q: Who the hell is this? Daenerys in wot hahahahah

which prompted a flurry of guesses. Rafe finally responded at 2:45 PM, Jul 23.

No one has gotten it yet

Here's a list of the (wrong) guesses on that thread within that time frame.

  • Weekly Wheel News Jul 22 - We think it's Thom - its been a while so he grew out his epic hair.
  • D. Audy Jul 22 - Lord Barthanes. Moiraine tied up her hair in a similar fashion sometime in s1.
  • ...dougie jones Jul 22 - Clearly that is Barthanes Damodred
  • Uno's Eye Patch Jul 22 - Verin
  • A.W. Jul 22 - my first thought was Elyas, but there are lots of good (probably better) theories
  • Ian Jul 22 - I think it's Laman. Because of the sun-like design of the top of the door. I bet we watch Laman cut down Avendasora
  • mandy Jul 22 - Adeleas or Vandene?
  • Pete Saemusan Al'CaellaiAsha'man Jul 22 - Basically Sammael
  • ady Jul 22 - I'm hoping they have a silverbow
  • Megaladon Draper Jul 22 - One of the elder Aes Sedai that Moiraine and Lan visit?
  • SiuanK Jul 25 - My first thought was... Is it a wise one? Amy's etc,
  • Kamara Jul 22| - Verin, Cadsuane or Adeleas/Vandene
  • Ljiljana Jul 22 - I'm honestly more curious about where this is. The hint on the gate says Cairhien and it looks like a garden, which this early on makes me think of Elayne in Caemlyn. Thus, Lini.
  • A Dabbling Madman Jul 22 - Bale Doman?

So now we know who it isn't, but we still don't know who it is.

My Question#


Sigh. No response. Maybe TOO good of a question.