Season 1 - The Eye of the World

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - 3,000 Years Ago#

In a modern looking room, Lews Therin and Latra Posae Decume are having a sometimes heated discussion about caging the Dark One. The female Aes Sedai refuse to join the male Aes Sedai in their plan, citing that it's too dangerous because the Dark One could corrupt the True Source if he is exposed to it. After Latra leaves, Lews Therin goes over to his crying child to comfort it. The scene ends with a view outside the window, which includes a futuristic city with flying cars.[1]

Scene 5 - Young Men in Way Over Their Heads#

Moiraine and Rand are walking through the Blight when they encounter a rotting corpse. Moiraine explains that boys from the Borderlands like to test themselves against the Blight without realizing how dangerous it is.

Scene 6 - We'll Always Be All Right#

Egwene is in her room packing as if to leave when Perrin comes in and reminds her that they don't know where Moiraine and Rand are and where they're going. They sit and she asks if they are alright and he replies that they'll always be alright.

Scene 7 - Seven Towers#

Moiraine and Rand are walking through the Blight when they see the remains of the Seven Towers of Malkier. Moiraine says that they can rest here for a half hour. Rand says that the Seven Towers look like they've been that way for 1,000 years, but Moiraine says forty at the most.[2] She adds that three years ago, the Blight was miles from Tarwin's Gap.

Scene 8 - Lioness#

Nynaeve tells Lan that after the attack on the Two Rivers, it was Moiraine that she tracked and not him. She tells him that Moiraine has a "tell" and that she's willing to teach him the tell if he brings Rand back. He tells her that "I will hate the man you choose, because he is not me. And I will love him, if he makes you smile. You are as beautiful as the sunrise. You are as fierce as a warrior. You are a lioness, Wisdom."[3]

Scene 9 - What's Your Plan?#

Rand wakes from sleep and Moiraine asks him if he had a dream and he replies that the Dark One knows where they are. The Dark One, with ember eyes and mouth, stabs Moiraine through the back of her head and she falls dead. He is dressed in a similar fashion as Lews Therin in the cold open. Rand shoots him in the eye. The Dark One pushes the arrow through his eye, which takes his face with it, revealing that he had a mask on and had a normal face beneath it. The Dark One says that Rand looks nothing like Lews Therin, but he can still tell that Rand is him. The Dark One asks Rand what his plan is. He compares who Rand has with him now (Moiraine) versus what Lews Therin had with him then (99 companions). Rand draws his sword and the Dark One notices that it's a heron-marked blade. The Dark One asks where he got it from and Rand replies from his father. The Dark One is amused that Rand thinks that Tam is his father. Rand declares that it's all a dream and stabs himself with his sword.

Rand awakens and Moiraine asks him if he had a dream. He says it was the Dark One but he didn't believe a word he said.

Scene 10 - What's Our Plan?#

Rand asks Moiraine what her plan is. She takes a small statue[4] out of a pocket and tells him that it's a sa'angreal and that when he channels into it, it will increase his power 100x. He takes it and asks what he is supposed to do with that power and she tells him that he should put the Dark One back where he belongs.

Rand asks Moiraine if she thought the Dragon Reborn was going to be Egwene. She doesn't respond, but he says that he thought so as well.

Scene 11 - A Scream#

Nynaeve is trying to listen to the wind, but finds that she cannot since the day that she channeled. She asks Egwene if she can hear anything. Egwene listens and says that if what they heard in Two Rivers was a whisper, this was a scream.

Scene 12 - Lashes of Air and Fire#

Moiraine and Rand are still walking through the Blight. He asks her if she can teach him to channel, but she says that she can't and that every time he touches the Source, the closer to madness he will get. She says that his adrenaline will cause him to embrace the Source when the time is right. She tells him about the problem she had with embracing the Source and how it was solved by a strong, controlled, precise Aes Sedai[5] who came to her room every night and lashed her with Air and Fire until Moiraine embraced the Source to protect herself. She tells Rand that when he channels, he should channel it into the sa'angreal.

Scene 13 - They All Come True#

The four Two Rivers folk and Loial walk into Min's bar. Egwene demands answers, but Min says people's secrets are their own. Min does say that everything she has seen, good or bad, comes true eventually. Min then has a vision of Nynaeve burning and guardsmen in the tavern dying. The horns of Fal Dara are sounded, along with bells ringing, and everyone gets ready for an attack.

Scene 14 - He Knows We're Coming#

Moiraine and Rand see Trollocs heading to Tarwin's Gap. Moiraine says this means that the Dark One knows that they're coming.

Scene 15 - The Gap Won't Hold#

Agelmar, his sister (Amalisa) and his men are walking through Fal Dara. Yakota reports that their men have spotted at least 60 fades, so he estimates that there are between 5,000 and 10,0000 Trollocs, with still more Trollocs coming out of the Blight. He also reports that two ropes were cut on the drawbridge, indicating that Darkfriends are in the city. Agelmar tells everyone that he's moving to the Gap and that they all "know what they need to do." His sister, for a second time, points out that Gap will not hold against the onslaught.

Scene 16 - At The Eye#

Moiraine and Rand arrive at the Eye of the World, which is a deep circular pit with stairs ringing the sides. Rand says that he knows the place. He asks Moiraine if she expects to die if she goes into the Eye and she remains silent, just looking at him. He tells her to stay here, but she then leads the way down the stairs.

Scene 17 - He Comes#

Lan is wending his way through the Blight, following Moiraine, when he spies the remains of the Seven Towers of Malkier. He pauses for a moment and then continues.

Scene 18 - My Armor#

Amalisa is helping Agelmar into his armor while at the same time trying to convince him to wear their father's armor, but Agelmar insists on wearing his own armor. Agelmar acknowledges that the Gap and Fal Dara will fall and that he should have listened to his sister's advice about alerting the Tower. His only hope is that their messengers will have a chance to send a warning out to everyone before the Gap and Fal Dara fall.

Scene 19 - This Symbol#

Moiraine and Rand have reached the bottom of the Eye. He asks what this place used to be, but she says they don't know because historical records in the White Tower were destroyed by Darkfriends. Rand's memory has pieces of what happened here. He remembers that as Lews Therin he fought the Dark One. He remembers the Aes Sedai symbol in the center of the floor and kneels down to touch it.

Scene 20 - Joiya#

Rand finds himself in a house. He hears a woman and a baby outside. When he goes outside, he sees Egwene playing with a baby. It looks like the house is in the Two Rivers.

The scene switches back to the Eye. Rand seems to be passed out and Moiraine is trying to revive him. The Dark One appears and Moiraine instantly channels to attack, but the Dark One stops the attack and then shields Moiraine.[6]

Scene 21 - To The Gap#

Agelmar and his army head towards the Gap and enter it.

Scene 22 - The City That Has Never Fallen#

While the male warriors head towards the Gap, the females fortify Fal Dara, with Amalisa, wearing her father's armor, organizing them. She calls for any woman who can channel. Min heads out of town.

Scene 23 - Under a Throne#

Yakota, Uno and a team of men with pickaxes enter the throne room. They remove the throne from the dais and start chipping at the floor.

Loial finds Perrin, Egwene and Nynaeve and tells them about Amalisa calling for any woman who can channel.

Trollocs assembly outside of bow range at the Gap. Inside the Gap, Agelmar instructs the army. Fades order the Trollocs to attack.

Scene 24 - No One's But Our Own#

Egwene and Nynaeve join Amalisa outside of Fal Dara facing the Gap. Nynaeve asserts their independence from Moiraine. There are two other women present, one of them being the wife of Lan's adopted family.

Scene 25 - Just Ask#

Perrin is frustrated with following the Way of the Leaf when everyone else is fighting. Loial says there's always options to violence, and if he's looking for a way to help, just ask.

Scene 26 - Our Place#

Rand begins to not trust that what he sees is reality. He asks Egwene what they carved into a tree when they ran away together as children. She responds with "Our place. For this life and the next. Forever," which was the correct answer. He accepts that it's really her, but the whole scene freezes moments later and the Dark One approaches them. He tells Rand that he can remake the world in his image and that he can show Rand how.

The scene switches back to the Eye. The Dark One is wondering if Rand will pick the Light or Dark. Moiraine pulls a knife out and places it at Rand's throat, warning that if Rand doesn't choose the Light, she will choose for him.

Scene 27 - Grab a Pick#

Perrin and Loial enter the throne room and Perrin asks what they can do. Uno hands him a pickaxe.

Scene 28 - Attack On The Gap#

The Trollocs attack the Gap. Agelmar eventually is hit in the chest by a spear.

Scene 29 - More Simple Than You Can Imagine#

The Dark One shows Rand that the world is not so stable by causing a slash to appear in Egwene's neck. He repairs it after Rand demands him to. Rand then asks the Dark One how he can make it real.

Scene 30 - Treachery#

Two armed women are guarding a locked door. There's a knock on the other side and someone says "The kingfisher flashes above the pond." The women open the door and Padan Fain is standing on the other side along with two hooded figures. One of the women asks who gave him those words. There's a moment of tense silence and then the women start to draw their swords. The two hooded figures are quicker and each beheads a woman. The hooded figures are Fades. Padan Fain and the two Fades continue on deeper into Fal Dara.

Scene 31 - The Horn#

The crew in the throne room have uncovered a box under the throne. Uno says it contains the Horn of Valere. Yakota explains that it's to be blown at the Last Battle to call the Pattern's greatest heroes to their side, but it's for the Dragon Reborn to blow.

The Trollocs have breached the Gap. Amalisa tells the others that they must open up to her when she reaches out with the One Power so that they can link together. They link and prepare to meet the oncoming Trollocs.

Scene 33 - A Glance#

Perrin sees Padan Fain passing by the throne room. He thinks about picking up a weapon, but doesn't, and goes after Padan Fain.

Scene 34 - Want#

The Dark One is giving instructions to Rand, telling him to empty himself of all feelings and turn them into want. To want everything so much that it turns into reality. Rand starts channeling.

The scene changes back to the Eye. The Dark One informs Moiraine that Rand is now channeling.

Scene 35 - More Power#

With the Trollocs advancing, Amalisa draws even more power from Egwene, Nynaeve and the other two channelers.

Scene 36 - Interrupted Digging#

Yakota and the others finally free the box containing the Horn of Valere from its cage. They hear a scream and go to respond to it, leaving the Horn of Valere alone and unprotected.

Scene 37 - Make Her Yours#

Rand is drawing in more One Power with the Dark One urging him on.

Scene 38 - Lightning#

Waiting until the Trollocs are close enough, Amalisa channels lightning, decimating the Trollocs. Lan's adopted mother burns out and dies.

Scene 39 - What She Wants#

Rand is now channeling into Moiraine's sa'angreal. The Dark One tells him to stop, to make the world how he wants. Rand asks about what Egwene wants and then releases the Power in the sa'angreal into the Dark One, destroying him and cracking the symbol on the floor.[7]

Scene 40 - Padan Fain#

Perrin is trying to find Padan Fain when he hears fighting. He runs back to the throne room to see Padan Fain and the Fades attacking everyone. Padan Fain stabs Loial.

Scene 41 - Feel The Whole World#

Amalisa is still channeling and Nynaeve tells her that they've stopped the Trollocs but Amalisa says that she can't let go of the One Power. Egwene tells Nynaeve that she's burning up. Amalisa says that she can feel the whole world. Egwene collapses and Nynaeve crawls over and unlinks Egwene. Amalisa burns out and Nynaeve almost does.

Scene 42 - He's Gone#

Padan Fain put the ruby dagger back in its sheath on his belt. He says that the real reason he came to the Two Rivers every Bel Tine was to watch over the ta'veren and at the battle, the Trollocs were there to capture them and take them to the Dark One and hoping that some of them would turn to the Shadow.

There's a quick shot of Mat entering Tar Valon.

At the Eye, Moiraine says that they can't go back to Fal Dara yet. Rand says that he felt the madness when he channeled so he's going to go away and he wants her to tell everyone else that he's dead.

Back in the Fal Dara throne room, Perrin almost attacks Padan Fain, but Padan Fain and the two Fades leave the room unmolested.

At the Eye, Moiraine is holding a chunk of cuendillar. Lan arrives and asks her where Rand is and she tells him he's gone. Lan asks her to unmask the bond, but she tells him she can't because she can't touch the Source.

Back on the battlefield, Egwene heals Nynaeve.

Moiraine shows Lan the chunk of cuendillar. He thought that nothing, not even the One Power could break it. She says it means that this was not the Last Battle, but probably just the first.

Scene 43 - The Far Western Shore#

A young girl on a beach on the far western shore looks out and sees an armada of red-sailed ships.

Switching to the ships' view, they look like ships from a foreign country. Strangely armored people are on the decks. Two pairs of women exit a cabin onto the fore deck.[8] The two women in front have mouth coverings on. The two women in the back shout commands and the front women start channeling. We can see the same happening on the other ships. The channeling generates a tsunami which heads to shore.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] That exterior view is the same as the view in Scene 4 of Episode 101.

[2] Which puts Lan's age at around 40 as well.
[3] Straight out of the books from TEotW,Ch48.
[4] The same statue that she had in Episode 101.
[5] In the books, it is Elaida.
[6] Not only does the Dark One shield her, but he ties off the weave. Note that he also has the same gold finger band that Lews Therin and Latra wore in the first scene. Why?
[7] This is a seal to the Dark One's prison and it is now broken.
[8] These are Seanchan ships. The prow has a carving of a torm (see pictures below). The two women in front are damane and the two in back are sul'dam.