ACoS: Next Door to a Weaver

Nynaeve POV#

Setalle tells the cook, Enid, she is going out and to remind Caira not to chatter. Setalle knows of Merilille and Teslyn. Among other things, Elayne is worried what Egwene will say about the bad bargain they made yesterday with the Sea Folk.[1] Nynaeve explains she is playing along because this Circle might know where the Bowl of the Winds is. They stop by The Stranded Goose, an inn, to visit. They go east to a two-story house between a weaver and a dyer. The maid[2] curtsies to Setalle and takes them to Reanne, the Eldest. She is not as strong as Nicola, but as strong as Sheriam, Kwamesa or Kiruna. She sweats.[3] Reanne is very nervous about Setalle being there. Berowin, a Wise Woman who is not very strong, enters bringing in Garenia who looks about Nynaeve's age and who has been gone several years. She is much stronger, as strong as Lelaine or Romanda. Setalle says Garenia looks just like Zarya Alkaese.[4] Garenia claims Zarya is her great aunt who left home to become Aes Sedai. When Setalle saw Zarya she was younger than Garenia is now. Setalle leaves and Garenia says, "That was Setalle Anan? How did she-? Light of Heaven! Even after seventy years, the Tower would-"[5] Reanne threatens to send Garenia to Alise who runs the farm. Derys can also channel but is working as a maid - penance for wanting to marry Denal - and going to the farm with Keraille the day after the Feast of the Half Moon. Nynaeve noticed that very few Wise Women are actually Ebou Dari. Berowin shields Nynaeve and Elayne for chattering. She has a huge shield, strong enough to hold a Forsaken. Reanne and the others quiz them to be sure they really were in the White Tower. They answer correctly, but Elayne is fed up, announces that they are Aes Sedai and demands the *angreal stash. Nynaeve and Elayne are thrown out.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Bad indeed. Among other things, the Aes Sedai will have to teach the Windfinders and give up the Bowl of the Winds to them. (TPoD,Ch3, TPoD,Ch6, TPoD,Ch20)
[#2] Her name is Cedora. (ACoS,Ch31)
[#3] Added evidence that the trick of ignoring heat and cold must be taught. It is not something one learns by chance, even after many years of channeling.
[#4] In fact, she is Zarya Alkaese. (TPoD,Ch28)
[#5] Zarya ran away from the White Tower seventy years ago and is terrified at what the White Tower would do to her even after that time. The implication is that Setalle was in the White Tower seventy years ago even though she looks to be in her forties.

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