ACoS: Insects

Jaichim Carridin POV#

Carridin is in his study writing a report on his activities. Pedron Niall ordered him to cause turmoil in Altara and Murandy so the Whitecloaks could come in and save the day. He is also ordered to kidnap Elayne.

Lady Shiaine enters. She is really Mili Skane, a saddler's daughter from a village near Whitebridge. She went to the White Tower but she could not learn so she turned Darkfriend. In the seven years since she has killed twenty. She is an assassin and hunter. Though young she leads a circle and reports to Carridin. Another high Darkfriend reporting to him is a one eyed beggar named Old Cully. Carridin has her looking for the *angreal stash. Looking out the window, he spots Mat but does not recognize the old man near him.[1] He is suddenly struck with bizarre visions including a horn and a dagger.[2]

Sammael appears and Shiaine is frozen. Sammael is surprised that Mat is here and mutters something about betrayal. He tells Carridin to leave Mat alone unless he interferes and reminds him that his sister, Vanora, is with the Fades. Sammael uses an oath kjasic. Carridin tells Sammael there are Aes Sedai in the city. Sammael says he will send ... someone ... to deal with these Aes Sedai.[3] Carridin asked a favor of Sammael.[4] Sammael says someone is making sure some of Ishamael's commands are still being carried out. He reminds Carridin that his entire family is now dead and it is only by Sammael's grace that he still lives. He gates somewhere with gray columns and mist.[5] Shiaine wakes and calls him Bors. He tells her to put all her efforts to finding Mat. He has other Darkfriends still looking for the stash.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Noal
[#2] The Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger. This is the set of instructions implanted by Ishamael at the Darkfriend social. (TGH,Prologue)
[#3] The gholam.
[#4] No evidence for what the favor is.
[#5] Most likely Shadar Logoth.

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