ACoS: Small Sacrifices

Elayne POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve are at The Wandering Woman the next morning to apologize. Aviendha and Birgitte went to watch Carridin in their Illusion disguises. They get directions to Mat's room from an angry serving girl.[1] Elayne is fascinated with Mat's foxhead medallion and is determined to figure it out. Mat thinks it is Nerim at first. They apologize, promise not to belittle him or give him orders and to listen to his advice. They say he can provide guards for them. He grabs his head muttering about the dice. They tell him about the Bowl of the Winds and that it is in the Rahad. They ask him to move into the palace and he agrees. He mutters that the dice have stopped.[2] Tylin has rooms picked out for him. He refuses Healing from Nynaeve, but thanks them for asking. Elayne is confused by his behavior. All she knows of men is Rand and what Lini and Morgase taught her.

As they leave, they run into Setalle Anan. She thinks they are White Tower runaways or wilders. She knows about channeling, penance, slowing and the history of the White Tower.[3] Setalle offers to take them to some women[4] instead of turning them into the Aes Sedai because she likes Mat. She thinks there are at least fifty of them in the Circle. Nynaeve tells her they were told to leave the Tower.[5] She is taking them to Reanne Corly.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Caira is even angrier with two more pretty women asking after Mat.
[#2] Indicating an event or decision of great consequence.
[#3] It now seems probable that Setalle Anan is a new identity taken on by Martine Janata after she was burned out.
[#4] The Kin
[#5] Technically a true statement. Nynaeve realizes these women may know something about the Bowl of the Winds and wants to meet them.

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